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Bird House

“That’s me in the front and I was in love with Michael Jackson and had to wear the pins on my dress. The birds were our pets and we loved them. We went everywhere with them including the grocery store :-)”

(submitted by IG @kirsten_texas_turner


“We wanted our cat to be in the siblings photo.”

(submitted by IG @ruthybrown

Just My Duck

“My mom had taken my duck and I to the mall for professional pictures in ’03. Her name was Je’taime”

(submitted by IG @izzzzy_bella_)

Cat Fancy

“I took a series of old-school portraits of a cat loving family.”

(submitted by IG @jerbearphoto

It Takes A Village

“The cat agreed with me that it’s exhausting raising a baby.”

(submitted by IG @funwithtotes)

Beast Mode

“My boyfriend’s family photo from the late 90s in rural Iowa with their family pet.”

(submitted by IG @blakegivesnofucks

Animal Planet

“As a kid we had a rescue farm, and many weird animals came to live with us. I had a rescued crow that always sat on my head and here I am walking my pet snake.”

(submitted by IG @naomi_images

What’s In A Name

“An old family photo of my husband’s. His mom did not think much of his sister’s dog’s name, or of the dog itself.”

(submitted by IG @claudiagibsonmusic

Fistful Of Rabbits

“I was in FFA and raised rabbits. This was our family Christmas picture one year.”

(submitted by Robin)

The Dog Sitter

“This is a photo of my then five-month-old daughter. The family dog was jealous ever since she was born, and it shows.”

(submitted by Jessica)