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The Snakes Are Alright

These kids have been banned from show and tell.

(submitted by Sarah)

Caught In The Act

This cat is still waiting for the proof.

(submitted by Sue)

Saturday Night Special: My Ducky

Tenderness comes in all forms.

(submitted by Izzy)


The minute the bunnies left, these siblings went right back to annoying each other.

(submitted by Tima)


She always put her chicken on a pedestal.

(submitted by Isabel)

Birds Of A Feather

You should see how they respond to the three wolf moon t-shirt.

(submitted by Anne)

Saturday Night Special: Million Dollar Smile

Now if he can just get the ears in order.

(submitted by Roger)

Piddle About

Guilty by association.

(submitted by Alexandria)

Be My Valentine

Background is foreground.

Talk To The Animals

She hadn’t quite gotten used to her special skills.

(submitted by Bruce)