School Pics

Urban Cowboy

“This was one of my most awkward years, early 80′s when Urban Cowboy was blowing up at the box office.  My school decided that spring photos would be exactly that. Well I am not sure if that was the greatest of ideas, but its given my family, facebook and now hopefully AFP plenty more laughs!!!”

(submitted by Steve)

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Behind The Awkwardness: Wade In The Water

“This is the result of me getting the lead in a play. I had to stand in a blow-up swimming pool on stage in a swimsuit while a group of kids sang “She waded in the water” behind me. The grand finale was me getting my swim suit wet. Definitely awkward back then, but kind of creepy now.” 

(submitted by Lesley)

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Run Ronnie Run

The heat is on.

(submitted by Drake)

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Out of this world.

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Jake The Snake

Charmed, he’s sure.

(submitted by James)

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