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How Many Licks

How Many Licks - School Photos

“My mom let my brother go to get his senior pictures by himself. This is the result…”

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Redrum - School Photos

“This is my school photo for my junior year in high school. I laugh every time I see it and yes, I was sober FYI.”

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A Rat’s Tail

A Rat’s Tail - School Photos

“My best friend exhibiting every bad kid haircut all at once.”

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Madame Secretary

Madame Secretary - School Photos

“Although it was nearly 30 years ago, I remember this day. Specifically, I remember putting a lot of thought into the details of my outfit. I needed to look sophisticated, and mature, but like I still knew how to have fun (hence the bolo tie and homemade fimo clay earrings). My mother helped me achieve this look by graciously allowing me to get a perm on only the top of my short hair, and by choosing my fantastic eye wear.”

(submitted by Rachael)

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Lawnmower Mullet

Lawnmower Mullet - Behind The Awkwardness

“What you get when you ask your mother to give you the ‘layered’ look.”

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The Incredible Hunk

The Incredible Hunk - School Photos

“Me in sixth grade. Enjoy.”

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Run To The Hills

Run To The Hills - Behind The Awkwardness

“This picture was taken circa 1985. I grew up the only Chinese kid in a very small town. I went through a heavy metal phase after being introduced to Iron Maiden from the cool older kids on my block. In an attempt to fit in, I pierced my ear and got a mullet.”

(submitted by Josh)

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