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Bassmaster - Kids

“My friend on Facebook sent their kid to school on picture day with the wrong shirt.”

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Cattle Call

Cattle Call - Photos

“Senior picture background fail.”

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My Friend The Druid

My Friend The Druid - Friends

“I was having my senior photos taken and decided that I wanted something different than everyone else. Something that was fun and wasn’t so cookie-cutter. My friend, who was killing some time with me, got a Druid’s cloak from the trunk of my car, (Who didn’t have one of those in their car? It was the 90’s after all), and lurked around in the background.
I dunno, I kind of like it.”

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Bugging Out

Bugging Out - Photos

“Perfectly timed school photo of my aunt 20 years ago.”

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Splashy - Photos

“Forgot it was picture day at school. My mom grounded me for a 3 weeks for wearing that shirt.”

(submitted by Joe)

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Psycho - Photos

“My husband’s senior picture from 1992. I should have looked at this┬ábefore agreeing to marry him, lol.”

(submitted by Cindi)

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A Sisterly Engagement

A Sisterly Engagement - Photos

“Someone our school talked my Mom into having my next oldest sister and me pose for what would be the least-seen photo in our family’s history. I was dragged out of 9th grade gym class and forced to don my choir robe, sweat still oozing from my pubescent pores. My sister, Emily wore her 10th grade orchestra band uniform. It wound up looking like an engagement photo, and it’s been a black mark on both of our developmental histories. Horrified by the final product and our over-tweezed eyebrows, this ‘precious family memory’ has been hidden in the shameful confines of my sister’s wallet, and has not seen the light of day for over 30 years.”

(submitted by Angela)


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