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Ghosted - Kids

“In sixth grade, I forgot it was picture day. Not sure a better outfit would have helped me.”

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Sleep Mode

Sleep Mode - Random Awkwardness

“How my professor puts her computer to sleep.”

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Off The Chain

Off The Chain - Kids

“Found my 2nd grade school photo. Look what’s on my ear. I was so rad.”

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Back To School

Back To School - Kids

“My son’s school picture from last year! He HATES pictures.”

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A Frown For The Yearbook

A Frown For The Yearbook - Kids

“So my son hasn’t ever really been a fan of photos, but when it comes to school pictures in particular, he hates them. In all honesty, this an improvement from last year. By grade 8 maybe we’ll manage a smile.”

(submitted by Naomi)

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Free Birds

Free Birds - Black And White

“My father (the blonde) in 9th grade for his class photo. As soon as the yearbook was released, he and his best friend were suspended.”

(submitted by Cori)

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Ms. Broom

Ms. Broom - School Photos

“One of the teachers was absent for photo day, so they improvised.”

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