Send In The Clowns

Send In The Clowns - Behind The Awkwardness

“This is a picture of me and my cousins. My grandma used to sew us matching costumes every year for halloween. She decided it would be a good idea to take us to get professional pictures done in these matching clown costumes. When I asked her what she was thinking years later she replied, ‘I thought you would appreciate them someday.’ Thanks, Grandma, for the thoughts!”

(submitted by Kristy)

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Shore Thing

Shore Thing - Siblings

“It was the day of my senior pictures and the photographer decided we should get a sibling picture (he’s 3 years younger than me). My mom hadn’t made him wear anything special and he was just in an athletic T-shirt and shorts. So the photographer had the brilliant idea that we could just do it with a beach background and he could just take his athletic shirt off. This is how she posed us… apparently, we needed to be “real close” siblings. We got the pictures back and she had made us look like star-crossed lovers gazing into the sunset with awkward hand placement! Needless to say it never got framed or handed out with my senior pictures!”

(submitted by Kelci)

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Duct Tales

Duct Tales - Recreating The Awkwardness

“My big sister and I, 21 years later… my diapers had to be duct taped because I would take them off.”

(submitted by Lillian)

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Cult of Personalities

Cult of Personalities - Behind The Awkwardness

“This photo says it all. My oldest brother was and still is the quiet one. My middle brother was always getting in trouble and speaking his mind, and I am still the little sister who sees the good in every situation and always with a smile.”

(submitted by Joelene)

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Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love - Siblings

“That’s me on the left in the sailor suit on the left, and my brother, smiling and content, on the right. In my humble opinion one of the best examples of late 1980s Sears family portrait photos you’ll ever see.

Apparently, no amount of rattle toys and funny voices could shake me out of the existential crisis I was clearly going through at the moment this picture was taken. Or maybe it was just the indignity of that sailor suit. Either way, my brother, on the right, was clearly just fine with the whole procedure.

Ever since this picture was taken it has brought joy to all who see it. When I lived with house mates we had this picture posted in our kitchen with the caption, ‘You might have had a bad day, but at least you’re not as sad as this baby.’”

(submitted by Brendan)

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The A-Files

The A-Files - Siblings

“My son precisely logs abuse from his little sister.”

(via source)

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In Your Face

In Your Face - Siblings

“My brother was our officiate!”

(submitted by Alicia)

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