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Poster Children

“My brother and I were asked to do a shoot for our hairdresser. I think we got a free lunch out of the deal and a life size poster!”

(submitted by Jennifer) 

“No Sister”

“Drew this when I was about in first grade, circa 1993. Needless to say, I wasn’t the biggest fan of my sister at the time.”

(submitted by Ryan) 


“I got my own phone line when I turned 13 because this is what I had to deal with.”

(submitted by IG @christiedannewitz

First Day Fracas

“Picture of my granddaughter on her first day of pre-k.  It is usually mommas that have separation anxiety. As you can see, her little sister did.”

(submitted by Susan)

Sucker Shot

“Heading down the water chute ride at Mall of America, my younger brother used the ride’s photo op to capture his moment of revenge for being picked on by his big brother at all the other locations.”

(submitted by Amanda)

Teething Toe

“I was 8 years old with size 8 feet in this picture. My skis and I were thrilled to assist my sister in her teething process.”

(submitted by IG @tomengwall

Send In The Clown

“My brother was the clown at our family friend’s birthday party in 1981.”

(submitted by IG @beachpugmama)

Notes On A Faceplant

“This is a photo of me faceplanting into the ground after what looks like my sister pushed me off the top.”

(submitted by Rhonda)

Garden Party

“I am the baby on the grass here. And contrary to what it looks like, I was sleeping. Mom had brought me home from the hospital in Mobile, Alabama back in 1967 (the only girl) and Dad wanted to get us all in a photo. Dad staged that ghastly floral placement but he ended up owning a very successful landscaping company for over three decades so he CLEARLY stepped up his game.”

(submitted by Rosalyn)

The Wild Life

“When we were kids my mom was a licensed wildlife rehabilitator at our old farm in Illinois. So let the raccoon party commence!”

(submitted by Rose)