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Lots Of Love

“This Christmas card outtake from 1993 perfectly captured me and my siblings mid-meltdown after a long afternoon posing for the camera. (We love each other nevertheless.)”

(submitted by IG @313mjd

The Christmas Chew

“God bless my mom for keeping a straight face for our very 90s Christmas card while my little sister chewed on my face.”

(submitted by IG @satiem

Laser Mullets (with denim)

“I don’t think anyone is prepared for the 90s masterpiece of my mom, her boyfriend, me and my brothers. Those mullets. The lasers. And so much denim.”

(submitted by IG @corpsekitten

Check Please

“Me and my brother visiting Santa (Christmas 1984). Betcha this Santa wished it was 2020 so he could be six feet away from me.”

(submitted by IG @christyocat

Bring The Noise

“Photo of my husband and his friend who thought they were quite fashionable. It was the 90’s and alcohol may have been involved.”

(submitted by Lauri)

Over It

“My mom took my brother and I to a portrait studio when overalls with one strap down were cool.  He was a junior in high school and I was a 6th grader. I don’t know that we’ve ever recovered.”

(submitted by Laura)


“This is a school photo of my older sister from 1988. The monstrosity upon her head is reflected in her expression. The lasers in the background and applique-roses sweatshirt only add to the epic-ness.

(submitted by Bethesda)

Nightmare On Sesame Street

“Growing up my brother and I didn’t have access to the real Sesame Street….. so we had to settle for these two. I don’t know how we weren’t scared out of our minds.”

(submitted by Craig) 

Blinding Lights

“Our school had mid year friend group pics called ‘highlights.’ The highlight was a Venetian blind that had a color light behind you and you could choose your groups color. My sister and I were not popular so we decided to do the pic together because the colored Venetian backdrop was the coolest ever. Our brother was in basic training in the army at this time so we were EXTRA patriotic as a family and the Gulf War was happening. I left the house with the most epic bang curl your life has ever seen. I was 100% sure people would be passing notes about how I should pursue a career in cosmetology. We chose RED for our Venetian color because WE ARE FIRE. They hand the pics back in class weeks later and MY HEART SANK. It sank because the glorious bangs I had worked a full hour on and half a can of Aquanet had called flat on one side and captured my worst hair moment.”

(submitted by Chryss)

Kung Fu Hustle

“I wanted to show off my kung fu so I wacked my sister out of the way and did a victory dance.”

(submitted by IG @ol_sir_southpaw)