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“This is hanging in my cousin’s house. They hired a new family photographer that year and thought this was a great idea.”

(submitted by Joanna)

Stacy And Tracy

“My sister (Tracy, in the red) and I (Stacy, in the blue) in the summer of 85.”

(submitted by IG @grislybear88

Sears Sophisticated

“My husband’s 6 sisters. I believe they were going for a serious pose, a ‘Sears Sophisticated’ style!”

(submitted by IG @aglowkit)

Heads Of The Family

“This is a photo of my parents and all of our heads: four daughters and their respective families. My Dad loves photography, and recently purchased a green screen so that our family photos could miraculously be in any lovely location in the world. This one, however, highlights the fact that he might want to improve his cutting and pasting skills.”

(submitted by Susie) 


Sibling Shock

“It was not love at first sight for our two-year-old.”

(submitted by IG @jennifer.mcinnes)

Duck, Duck, Goose

“We waited in line at a photo booth for a siblings shot. I heard a scream from inside the curtain. 3 minutes later this pops out.”

(submitted by IG @jodi__f

Top Dog

“This photo is of my father-in-law, his sister, and their dog when they were kids. The dog was very loved by their mother and she thought it needed to be included in the background of her children. She loved the dog so much that he is even covering up part of her son.”

(submitted by Zach) 

Mixed Emotions

“My kids all were pretty excited about going back to school. However, I think the nerves got to my 1st grader and she cried about everything that morning. Back to school picture gold. She ended up having a great day, but my second grader who was most excited out of the three said it was ‘boring.'”

(submitted by Masha) 

Church Casual

“Oh the 90s. A time when it was okay to wear a bandanna and T-shirt in the church directory picture.”

(submitted by @khulsizer917)

The Promotion

“My sister and her boyfriend were so excited to share their announcement. My nephew was…less than impressed.”

(submitted by Kara)