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Triple Threat

“My dad, his brothers, and their mullets.”

(submitted by Dane)


“Christmas sometime in the early/mid 90s and this is me and my two sisters. My neighbor worked for Marlboro cigarettes and my mother decided that since their company sweatshirts were red, we should all wear them for our Christmas pictures.”

(submitted by IG @alekshenry)

Bleach Party

“Mum used to bathe us in peroxide.”

(submitted by IG @emmalkniight)

Top Dog

“This photo is of my father-in-law, his sister, and their dog when they were kids. The dog was very loved by their mother and she thought it needed to be included in the background of her children. She loved the dog so much that he is even covering up part of her son.”

(submitted by Zach) 

Glamour Girls Day

“My mom thought it would be nice to take my sister and I for a girl’s day at the local glamour shots. She didn’t always have the best ideas. Honestly, topless with a pink boa was not what my sister and I had in mind. But she genuinely thought this was pretty and proceeded to hang it in our family home for all to see for years. Love ya mom.”

(submitted by Marie) 

Nightmare On Sesame Street

“My parents took us to a show that was ‘supposed’ to be Sesame Street-themed. Needless to say, the costumes did not live up to expectations. That is supposed to be Big Bird and Cookie Monster behind me. It looks like characters from a horror film.”

(submitted by Craig) 

String Theory

“My family would frequently visit my grandmother in Florida. I’m the baby in the stroller int is picture.During these visits my parents loved to bike. Only in the 80s could you allow your infant son to be towed along behind your bike with a string!”

(submitted by Corey) 

Shred Cut

“The photo is myself, my brother, and my mom in Sacramento, 1987. I had that cut for about 2 years to identify as a skateboarder. I’m still skateboarding, and just celebrated 40 years since I started.”

(submitted by IG @hairball_1974)

Kick In The Crochet

“My brothers and I still cringe when we look at this photo taken of us in 1974. Our mother had been so proud of these outfits that she crocheted for us. This photo was taken on our way to church that morning. Good Lord, what was she thinking!?”

(submitted by IG @branquay)

Days Of Denim

“This is my family around 1995 or so. The height of CK1 and denim themed family photos apparently. That’s me in the front gripping on for dear life while I try to hold my serious face pose.”

(submitted by Lindsay)