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First Day Fit

“My daughters had very different reactions to the first day of school.”

(submitted by IG @chadillacondrums)  

Royal Brawl

“We were all restless and sleepy and my son was not wanting his picture taken. Needless to say, I snapped this. I was completely oblivious to all the chaos until I saw the photo a few days later.”

(submitted by Jill)

Pick Of The Litter

“This is everyone’s favorite of the attempts at a perfect Christmas portrait of the kids this year.”

(submitted by Kaitlyn)

The Great Outdoors

“Family fishing trip in Show Low, Arizona. Circa 2002. Clearly, we aren’t really a very outdoorsy family.”

(submitted by IG @shannonchristined

“C” Is For “Creepy”

“Found this gem while digitizing the family photos. It was taken sometime in the late 70s in Des Moines, Iowa. I’m the little guy with Cookie Monster and my brother, who’s sole comment upon seeing this photo was, ‘miss that hat.'”

(submitted by David)


“The Sears portrait photographer couldn’t figure out how to get the families to stand/sit cohesively, so she came up with this pose with me sitting on my husband’s back, trying to get our oldest son to look and smile at the camera. My husband was annoyed, my father-in-law (standing) was done with the photo session & this became our family photo of 2009.”

(submitted by Elizabeth) 

Cardboard Daughter

“My parents threw a graduation party for themselves after the last kid, (the one on the left end), graduated from high school. The oldest child was out of state at the time and unable to attend. So my mom took a cardboard moving box, cut it out in a shape that resembled a human being, and stuck her face on it.”

(submitted by Elise)

Stiff Arm

“This year’s loving photo with my 2.5-year-old and 15-month-old twins. Big brother likes reminding them who is boss.”

(submitted by IG @lilrai

The Wedding Wardrobe Malfunction

“This was me and my brother at our aunt’s wedding. His pants were too big for him, but we thought he’d be okay. Of course, his pants came down at the altar.”

(submitted by Kiely)


“My mother was taking the photo and told us to look at the light to avoid red eye.”

(submitted by Lizzie)