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The Wish Stealer

“Exactly 27 years ago, my mom took the perfect picture of me and my sister. Some things never change.”

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“One year my mom made my brother and I outfits from the drapes that came with our beautiful couch.”

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“These two brothers both won the lottery on the same day.”

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Separation Anxiety

“Today was my niece’s first day of kindergarten. Not happy to see her go? Her little sister.”

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Shoes To Fill

“By far my favorite pic of my twin brother and I.”

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Sucker Shot

“Heading down the water chute ride at Mall of America, younger brother used the ride’s photo op to capture his moment of revenge for being picked on by his big brother at all other locations.”

(submitted by Amanda)

Pardon The Interruption

“My brother and I were cleaning out the attic, but then I heard a loud crash and saw THIS above me. I chose to take a photo before asking questions.”

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The Welcome Committee

“My mom was an “oops” baby back in 1955. Her older sisters were not too happy with her arrival.”

(submitted by Amber) 

Push Notification

“My oldest enjoyed this just a bit too much. And how did his little brother end up that way? Hmmm.”

(submitted by Monika) 

He Said, She Said

“My brother was sad his girlfriend couldn’t come to our Halloween party, so he came as both of them.”

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