Family Portrait


Whitewash - Family Portrait

This family wanted to express their true colors.

(submitted by Liana)

In Family Portrait • December 9th, 2010 • 92 Comments »

Renaissance Man

Renaissance Man - Family Portrait

A look back at a time when art, music, and puffy shirts flourished.

(submitted by Rachel)

In Family Portrait • December 8th, 2010 • 43 Comments »

House Band

House Band - Family Portrait

You should hear her play the screwdriver.

(submitted by Paula)

In Family Portrait • December 2nd, 2010 • 49 Comments »

Hawaiian Punch

Hawaiian Punch - Family Portrait

You may never have been to Hawaii, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress like you have.

(submitted by Sarah)

In Family Portrait • December 1st, 2010 • 43 Comments »

Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

This young man had blinked for the last time.

(submitted by John)

In *AFP Hall Of Fame* • November 29th, 2010 • 74 Comments »

The Spit-take

The Spit-take - Family Portrait

He just couldn’t contain all of of his love.

(submitted by the B’s)

In Family Portrait • November 28th, 2010 • 67 Comments »

Ice Cream Social

Ice Cream Social - Family Portrait

Sometimes, you do what you have to do to get the kids to the portrait studio.

(submitted by Kelly)

In Family Portrait • November 23rd, 2010 • 33 Comments »
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