Thanksgiving, To A 3-Year-Old

Thanksgiving, To A 3-Year-Old - Kids

“My 3 year old cousin was asked to talk about his Thanksgiving at his day care.”

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Wedding Fit

Wedding Fit - Kids

“It was time for a family photo for my cousin’s wedding. I told my daughter she could finish her snack after we take a picture. She wasn’t having it. She kicked and screamed in my arms and wouldn’t settle down. She had an epic meltdown.”

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Hunger Games

Hunger Games - Kids

“Thanksgiving isn’t for everyone.”

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Poetic Lice-nse

Poetic Lice-nse - Kids

“My Mom has saved this loving tribute for 25 years.”

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Damian’s Sister

Damian’s Sister - Kids

“Pretty sure my cousin already has a murder plot lined up.”

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Deflation - Kids

“My nephew getting his pictures done.”

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An Easter Arrest

An Easter Arrest - Easter

“This was taken Easter morning. I am the second from the left, and had just been bailed out of jail by my parents.  I had spent the night in jail in Ferguson, Missouri for taking a case of beer out of an open garage.”

(submitted by Charles)

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