Couple Recreates Wedding Pics From 1975

Couple Recreates Wedding Pics From 1975 - Couples

To celebrate their 40-year wedding anniversary, one couple decided to recreate their wedding photos from 1975. Magic976, the user that uploaded the photos, writes that his dad was “smooth.” They met in a bar called “The Lower Level” and his first words to her were, “You wanna Boogie?” If that isn’t the start to a great love story, I don’t know what is.” He also noted that his mother made both his father’s wedding jacket and her own wedding dress. Surprisingly, both of them still fit into those same wedding clothes 40 years later!




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Groomsman Down

Groomsman Down - Wedding

“The photographer thought it would be funny to have all the groomsmen run away from the bridesmaids…on a cold March Chicago day. Plastic bottom shoes. Face plant.”

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Fairytale Wedding

Fairytale Wedding - Wedding

“Friend posted this wedding pic. Didn’t know he married a mythological beast.”

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Contagion - Wedding

“My groomsmen were too giggly for the entire picture-taking process. When I asked what was funny, they merely said, ‘You’ll see.’”

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Flower Girl Loses It

Flower Girl Loses It - Wedding

Always have a backup flower girl.

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The Reaction

The Reaction - Wedding

Save your receipt.

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