Backup Ring Bearer

Backup Ring Bearer - Couples

“My husband was a ring bearer in his cousin’s wedding. He wasn’t the couple’s first choice, but when the original ring bearer dropped out at the last minute, they quickly had to find another kid around the same age. As you can tell he wasn’t thrilled about being the backup ring bearer.”

(submitted by Melissa)

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Wedding: The Gathering

Wedding: The Gathering - Couples

“My sister is getting married. This is her save-the-date.”

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Lace And Leather

Lace And Leather - Wedding

“Sometimes the hotel holding your wedding also has a fetish ball booked.”

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When Nature Calls

When Nature Calls - Couples

“My friends’ marriage photos. It looks like they decided to take a quick break from the nuptials for a blissful nature tinkle with her hubby.”

(submitted by Jose)

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The Wedding Bird

The Wedding Bird - Wedding

“I recently got ordained and officiated my first wedding. I chose to fix my glasses at the wrong time.”

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The Nude Bridesmaids

The Nude Bridesmaids - Wedding

“This is the view from one pew behind the front row.”

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The Wedding Cup

The Wedding Cup - Grandma

“I was going through my parent’s wedding photo’s for their 30th wedding anniversary and came across this gem.”

(submitted by Hayley)

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