Joint Wedding

Joint Wedding - Dad

“My Dad and Uncle at their ‘joint’ wedding in the 1970s.”

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Splitsville - Friends

“Splitting my pants five minutes before the ceremony? Worth it.”

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The Son-In-Law

The Son-In-Law - Black And White

“My Uncle in 1956, feeling a bit apprehensive about marrying into a Cuban family.”

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Wedding Fit

Wedding Fit - Kids

“It was time for a family photo for my cousin’s wedding. I told my daughter she could finish her snack after we take a picture. She wasn’t having it. She kicked and screamed in my arms and wouldn’t settle down. She had an epic meltdown.”

(submitted by Jenny)

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Stamp Of Disapproval

Stamp Of Disapproval - Grandpa

“Scanning in my Grandpa’s photos of my sister’s wedding. I’d say he’s still bitter about the divorce 50 years ago.”

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Wedding Crashed

Wedding Crashed - Wedding

“Wedding are exhausting. Here’s a pic of my brother’s wife after everyone left the reception.”

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Au Natural

Au Natural - Kids

“I got my wedding proofs back and was amused by this one in which I appear as though I am in the nude.”

(submitted by Katie)

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