Fight Club

funny bouquet toss picture

Only the strong survive.

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funny wedding picture

“This is one of the professional “outtake” photos from our wedding. My husband looks like he may be reconsidering our nuptials and I’m smirking (smiling?) at my Maid of Honor … You can’t tell from the looks of it, but we were both really excited to get married.”

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Pep Talk

funny wedding picture, flower girl

“This photo was captured by my uncle at my mom’s wedding to my step-father, when I was five. I was supposed to be flower girl and here is my mom trying to convince me to carry out my duties. I was unhappy about my haircut at the time being so bad and boyishly short. I was also unhappy about wearing a dress. I have never been very girly and can count the number of times I’ve worn a dress on one hand.”

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Tearing It Up

funny wedding picture

“I present to you the EXACT moment I trod on and tore part of my wife’s wedding dress during our first dance. Our photographer caught my face when I realized I had torn one of the ten layers in her dress. And yes, I’m still alive.”

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funny japanese costume

“This photo comes from the last of several wedding photo sessions. After a while I think that the photographer got bored and just started making up poses.”

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