Husky - Wedding

Back yard wedding and a husky who could not wait. Maybe too much at the open bar?

(submitted by Daryl)

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The Wedding Gift

The Wedding Gift - Wedding

“This was our wedding day. We had just finished up taking our wedding pictures before the ceremony when all of a sudden my wife’s step mother screamed “holy crap I just got Edith going number 2 one my phone.” To this day we have it hanging on our wall at home because not only is it hilarious but it is actually a good picture of us.”

(submitted by Robb)

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Vikings - Wedding

“My friend got married near where they film the TV show, ‘Vikings,’ and this happened.”

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Photobather - Wedding

“Here’s a picture of a man taking a bath. Also, my cousin got married.”

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That’s All Folks

That’s All Folks - Wedding

A picture has never summed me up so effectively.

(via Philip DeFranco)

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Floored - Wedding

“Wedding photographer captures romantic moment between bridesmaid and floor.”

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The Fine Print

The Fine Print - Wedding

“My girlfriend and I took pictures for our anniversary… we didn’t notice the small addition until we got home.”

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