Bombarding The Bride

Bombarding The Bride - Couples

“We got married in a movie theater. We gave the guests popcorn to throw instead of rice. Knowing my friends, I should have expected this.”

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Compromise Cake

Compromise Cake - Couples

“Marriage is all about compromise.”

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What The Dog Saw

What The Dog Saw - Couples

“This happy couple uploaded over 300 wedding pictures to Facebook. The dog’s expression speaks for us all.”

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A Great White Wedding

A Great White Wedding - Couples

“Perfectly timed wedding photo.”

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Mom’s Prom Date

Mom’s Prom Date - Mom

“Unbeknownst to Mother we hired a stripper for my sister’s bachelorette party. At first Mother was shocked and horrified, but after a night of completely inappropriate behavior (girls behaving badly), Mother loosened up a bit and joined in the fun. So much so that she decided to take a picture with the stripper! And being the good catholic girl that she is, she felt this was a perfectly acceptable pose…It is now affectionately known as her prom picture. Go Mom!”

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Wedding Honesty

Wedding Honesty - Wedding

“This is a wedding invitation I received.”

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Pastor Plank

Pastor Plank - Couples

“My friend’s brother’s wedding photo…with their pastor in the background.”

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