star wars wedding

“Coolest sister-in-law ever surprised my brother by inviting some special guests to the wedding. I may or may not have made out with the hotter storm trooper later that night.”

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17 Brides Tossing… Cats

17 Brides Tossing… Cats - Awkward Galleries

Recently, one Australian guy found a way to combine his love for cats and Photoshop by creating a series of imaginative wedding photos called Brides Throwing Cats.

By swapping out the brides’ flying flowers for a bunch of airborne cats, he transforms this cute wedding tradition into a high-flying fluffy fiasco that is nothing short of well, awkward.

While these photos may seem pretty convincing, no cats were actually tossed in the air toward ravenous mobs of crazy cat ladies, nor does the creator behind Brides Throwing Cats condone the actual throwing of cats, under any circumstances.

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Wedding Day

Wedding Day - Wedding

“Wedding day. Can’t think of a better representation of my family.”

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30 Awkward Russian Wedding Photos

30 Awkward Russian Wedding Photos - Awkward Galleries

We have to hand it to the Russians… they have taken wedding photography and doubled down on strange. Nazarovia!

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