Cutting In

Cutting In - Couples

“This is the photo Facebook decided to use to show that today is my wedding anniversary. That’s my wife. I’m on the left.”

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Everybody Emotes Differently

Everybody Emotes Differently - Couples

“The wedding photographer caught the bride and groom reading over their vows.”

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Window Dressing

Window Dressing - Couples

“This is my husband and I on the morning of our wedding 20 years ago. We were having studio pictures taken and the local photographer proudly rolled out this faux bay window and told my soon-to-be-husband to ‘peek in from outside.’”

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Wedding Gold

Wedding Gold - Kids

“My friend’s daughter just dropped the best photobomb I’ve seen in a while.”

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The Lean Away

The Lean Away - Kids

“My cousin was married in June and all the requisite wedding photos were taken. Here the bride and groom had been taking picture after picture (after picture) of themselves kissing, and the bride’s little sister got grossed out. Later my uncle posted on Facebook how hilarious this picture was, as it truly captured the little sister’s feelings!”

(submitted by Amy)

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Copy Kiss

Copy Kiss - Kids

“I didn’t know anything about this incident until I got my wedding photos back. My little niece and nephew, who are brother and sister, kissed at the same time my husband and I were told to kiss each other. They don’t remember doing it and are now mortified whenever they see the photo.”

(submitted by Amy)

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Cry For Help

Cry For Help - Mom & Dad

“My Mom just showed me this picture of my parents’ wedding. When you see it…”

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