Shave The Date

Shave The Date - Couples

“Best wedding invitation ever.”

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The Flower Girl With Cold Feet

The Flower Girl With Cold Feet - Kids

“Despite being excited for months about being the flower girl in my brother’s wedding, this was the best wedding party photo taken that afternoon. Note the bottom left corner.”

(submitted by Kristin)

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Unintentional Motorboat

Unintentional Motorboat - Photos

“Our photographer did not show up (one of many things that went wrong) so the responsibility fell to our guests. Someone snapped this photo as I was leaning in to hug my husbands uncle. It looks like the caption should be ‘Free motorboat from the bride!’”

(submitted by Suzanne)

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Thundercat - Couples

“We were taking some scenic nighttime photos when this guy showed up.”

(submitted by Tanya)

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Jumping To Conclusion

Jumping To Conclusion - Friends

“Groom thought everyone was jumping.”

(via Christine Cherry Photography)

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Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception - Dad

“This was before ‘Please silence your cell phones’ was a thing.”

(submitted by Laura)

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Wedding Survival Guide

Wedding Survival Guide - Wedding

“My rented tux had an extra tag inside to help me get through the wedding.”

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