Fall Wedding

Fall Wedding - Photos

“Snapping photos for a wedding when this happened.”

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All Dressed In White

All Dressed In White - Grandma

“This was taken at my cousin’s bridal shower. They were playing a game where everyone breaks into teams and makes a dress for the bride out of toilet paper. Obviously not everyone was into it.”

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Single City

Single City - Photos

“My younger brother got married last weekend. I am now the only unmarried sibling. The photographer captured my awkward pain.”

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Weddiquette - Photos

“Worst wedding guest ever. And the worst part is, she didn’t even share any of the pictures with us.”

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Bride Envy

Bride Envy - Photos

“Me at my sister’s wedding a few years ago.”

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Kiss Off

Kiss Off - Kids

“Little girls’ reaction to the kiss at a wedding.”

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Sudden Strike

Sudden Strike - Couples

“I’m a wedding photographer and I took a picture of my bride and groom photobombing the channel 10 weather report.(Melbourne, Australia.)”

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