Different Sides Of A Big Day - Couples

Different Sides Of A Big Day

“Just got married. If there were ever a picture that summed up the different attitudes about the wedding, it’s this.”

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Flower Man - Wedding

Flower Man

“I was recently the flower MAN in a wedding. And it was awesome.”

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An Uninvited Guest - Wedding

An Uninvited Guest

“Always have someone check your wedding invitations before sending.”

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The Woodsman - Wedding

The Woodsman

“At our wedding, my husband posed for a picture with his close friend’s wife while his close friend relieved himself close by. The photographer caught it all! Open bar!”

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The Bride, The Groom, And The Llama - Wedding

The Bride, The Groom, And The Llama

“Sometimes the hotel holding your wedding also has a llama convention booked.”

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Doctor And The Tramp - Wedding

Doctor And The Tramp

“Wedding invitation from a mother who’s upset about the wife her son has chosen.”

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Wedding Blitzed - Wedding

Wedding Blitzed

“You can tell where my priorities are.”

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Act Like You Belong - Kids

Act Like You Belong

“Found this gem in my cousin’s wedding album.”

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