My Precious - Babies

My Precious

“My daughter had her cake smash for her first birthday yesterday. Definitely my favorite picture.”

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Bowing To Pressure - Family Portrait

Bowing To Pressure

“I was always a happy-go-lucky kid until that bowtie was put on!”

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Little Off The Front - Kids

Little Off The Front

“I decided to give my bangs a trim for school pictures. Mom sent me to school the next day anyway! Life lesson learned!”

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Graduation Photos - Photos

Graduation Photos

“I ruined all of the family photos at my brother’s high school graduation in ’04.”
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The Bike - Photos

The Bike

“My nephew didn’t really care about the bike I bought him.”

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Indoor Cat - Photos

Indoor Cat

“My wife and I took a family photo for my mom on mother’s day. Our indoor cat did not adjust well to being outside.”

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Scarecrows - Photos


“I lost my son while checking out at Hobby Lobby. Panic ensued until someone pointed him out.”

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