December 1st, 2012

Mawmaw - Behind The Awkwardness

“We found this in an old family photo album over Thanksgiving.  That’s my great-grandmother… that’s a sausage… and that’s a vibrating bed. Yep.”

(submitted by Emily)

Behind the Awkwardness: Birthday Cheer

November 30th, 2012

Behind the Awkwardness: Birthday Cheer - Birthdays

“These are my parents posing for a shot during my extremely festive family birthday party. Don’t they look excited?”

(submitted by Kathy)

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Version 1.3 Has Arrived!

November 29th, 2012

Version 1.3 Has Arrived! - Photos

You can now view videos on the AFP App, save them to your album, and share them with friends and family!


She’s Got The Look

November 29th, 2012

She’s Got The Look - Kids

Sometimes, one look can sum up all of childhood.

(submitted by Steph in the UK)

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Potty Training 3

November 27th, 2012

Potty Training 3 - Christmas

You don’t have to do everything together.

(submitted by Susan)

The Wipe

November 26th, 2012

The Wipe - Grandma

That’s why they call it “miracle” whip.

(submitted by Stacy)

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AFP Store!

November 26th, 2012

Give the gift of awkwardness this holiday season by visiting the AFP Store!

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