Woof - Pets


Somebody’s sniffing up the wrong tree.

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Empathy Cards - Lists

Empathy Cards

Emily McDowell has created a line of meaningful and honest greeting that takes the awkwardness out of being sick. Read More
Dismount Vernon - The 70's

Dismount Vernon

“In the 1970s, my family took a trip to Mount Vernon, Virginia, home to George Washington. The whole family was there: my grandparents and aunt, my mother and father, and my sister and me. We decided to pose for photos atop one of the fences in the garden. I remember my father set up the tripod and watched as the family disappeared from view while the fence came crashing down. The only family picture he has from that day is us scrambling to get up, but unharmed. My sister and I were hysterical with laughter, but the rest of the family was humiliated.”

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Oh Boy - Birthdays

Oh Boy

At least they got the apostrophe right.

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It’s Complicated - Couples

It’s Complicated

Some relationship wisdom from our friends at Someecards. Read More
Sminch - Photos


“I look like I’m playing an imaginary trumpet.”

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Redrum - School Photos


“This is my school photo for my junior year in high school. I laugh every time I see it and yes, I was sober FYI.”

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Curb Your Enthusiasm - Celebs

Curb Your Enthusiasm

“So my mom ‘met’ Larry David today.”

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A Rat’s Tail - School Photos

A Rat’s Tail

“My best friend exhibiting every bad kid haircut all at once.”

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Sisterhood Of The Traveling Mom Jeans - Siblings

Sisterhood Of The Traveling Mom Jeans

And this was their freestyle pose.

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