Fresh Man - School Photos

Fresh Man

“When my son asks why he can’t get his hair cut in a style he thinks is ‘cool’, I show him this photo from my freshman year in high school.”

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Uncle Buck - Uncles, Aunts, & Cousins

Uncle Buck

“My son asked his Uncle to write ‘Batman’ for him… this is why he isn’t allowed to watch my kids.”

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Just Say No - Kids

Just Say No

“My cousin’s D.A.R.E (anti-drug) poster she made for school.”

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Vintage Awkwardness - Lists

Vintage Awkwardness

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Airhead - Kids


Our family doesn’t need a dog.

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Crazy (Cool) Cat Men - Lists

Crazy (Cool) Cat Men

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Molly - Behind The Awkwardness


My cousin Molly’s grandma went into Spencers look for presents for her family. She thinks she found the best presents ever!

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