33 Weeks - Pregnancy

33 Weeks

It was the most special time of their lives.

(submitted by Richard)

Bouquet Hunt - Misc

Bouquet Hunt

The man who shoots the bouquet will be the next one to get divorced.

(submitted by Fred)

12 Pee Stains - Lists

12 Pee Stains

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Auntie Kenneth - Uncles, Aunts, & Cousins

Auntie Kenneth

The joy of family.

(submitted by Ryan)

Into The Woods - Pregnancy

Into The Woods

“Excuse me, ma’am, you dropped your ultrasounds.”

(submitted by Shenelle)

Split Decision - Behind The Awkwardness

Split Decision

“We went for a portrait session and didn’t want to take the same old boring family photo.  So dad came up with having our daughter do a handstand.  It wasn’t until we got the picture back that we realized it looked like…well, let’s just say her brother’s head placement was unfortunate.”

(submitted by Paula)

Articles Of Clothing We’d Like To Bring Back - Lists

Articles Of Clothing We’d Like To Bring Back

Some things never go out of style. And some definitely do, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate them. Here at Awkward Family Photos, we see many articles of...
The Bird - Babies

The Bird

‘I had quite the attitude right out of the womb. I guess there really is a reason my mom was always telling my dad “Don’t do that in front of the children!”… guess she didn’t expect it to sink in so early.”

(submitted by Amber)