The Dog Lifter - Pets

The Dog Lifter

One of many reasons he always recommended a medium-sized dog.

(submitted by Samantha)

Beachy Keen - Family Portrait

Beachy Keen

“This is photo of my family and I at a beach-themed family dance put on by the school. Unfortunately I’m the one with the full denim outfit and black work boots with orange laces.”

(submitted by Sheila)

A Very Monkey Christmas - AFP Hall Of Fame

A Very Monkey Christmas

They make great stocking stuffers.

(submitted by Naomi)

A Little Bird Told Me - Pets

A Little Bird Told Me

It wasn’t until she brought it to school that everyone realized she wasn’t lying.

(submitted by Jennifer)

Kitty Physics - Siblings

Kitty Physics

These two demonstrate the other theory of relativity.

(submitted by Else)

Flower Children - Grandparents

Flower Children

Peace, love, and optional pants.

(submitted by Lisa)

Saturday Night Special: Off Leash - Pets

Saturday Night Special: Off Leash

This is what happens when you don’t crate train.

(submitted by Jessalyn)

That’s Not A Hat - Babies

That’s Not A Hat

“Stuck my head in a toilet and got stuck! Had to be cut off with gardening shears.”

(submitted by Taylin)

Double Fisting - Pets

Double Fisting

Remember the 80’s? When squirrel hybrids were all the rage.

(submitted by Andi)

The Ginsus - Family Portrait

The Ginsus

Sometimes, the best defense is knives. Lots of knives.

(submitted by Alyssa)