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Time of year

Cow Tripping - Misc

Cow Tripping

“My mom was in love with cows for a few years. She was sooo in love that she bought black and white spotted wallpaper and covered everything in the kitchen that could possibly be covered. When that was not enough she went out and bought this cow fabric and had outfits made for everyone including the dog. I am the oldest kid in the picture…and I remember every moment of this awkward day.”

(submitted by Megan)

Cat Nap - Pets

Cat Nap

(submitted by Melissa)

Feliz Navidog - Misc

Feliz Navidog

“My daughter, Maddie, and dog, Tiger.”

(submitted by Lucy)

House Band - Misc

House Band

“This picture is of my in-laws. My fiance is the little guy on the right. They took this for their Christmas card picture.”

(submitted by Liz)

Bunkmates - Misc


“My dad and i on our cat bed.

(submitted by Audrey)

Present Posers - Misc

Present Posers

“Last year’s Christmas card.”

(submitted by Lindsey)