Punked - Family Portrait


And one of them grew up to be a priest. Guess.

(submitted by Lea)

All Skate - Black And White

All Skate

Never bother dad while he’s watching his figure skating.

(submitted by Claire)

The Partridge Family - Family Portrait

The Partridge Family

They are thinking of expanding to add a string section.

(submitted by Samantha)

Birthday Casual - Birthdays

Birthday Casual

We’re going to give dad credit for the cake.

(submitted by Brandon)

The Evolution of Family - Family Portrait

The Evolution of Family

We got your back.

(submitted by Lauren)

Different Strokes - Family Portrait

Different Strokes

Last we checked, being in a fraternity did not qualify as a talent.

(submitted by Joseph)

Peekaboo - Family Portrait


For the family that’s ready to show the world they have something to hide.

(submitted by Alex)

The Throne - Behind The Awkwardness

The Throne

“My uncle decided that my grandfather spent too much time in the bathroom. For Christmas, he got him a padded toilet seat so he would be more comfortable. Super awkward.”

(submitted by Kelley)

7 Days To Xmas: Swingers - Christmas

7 Days To Xmas: Swingers

Way ahead of their time.

(submitted by Tina)

12 Days To Xmas: The Contortionist - Christmas

12 Days To Xmas: The Contortionist

Thank you to the AFP family for sending in your awkward holiday pics! Now it’s time to let the countdown begin…

Now we know how he plans on getting down the chimney.

(submitted by Anonymous)