great outdoors

On the Cob - Family Portrait

On the Cob

Mom wasn’t convinced that taking a pic in a cornfield was corny enough.

(submitted by Amanda)

In Hiding - Wedding

In Hiding

“This is a wedding picture the very expensive professional photographer took for us at our wedding 7 years ago in France. What was he thinking? I love the mischevious look on my husband Cédric’s face, and the way it looks like he’s grabbing my butt or pulling up my dress.”

(submitted by Samantha)

Chop Chop - Family Portrait

Chop Chop

In this family, nobody complains about Dad’s vacation itineraries.

(submitted by El Jackko)

Hay Season in Latvia - AFP Hall Of Fame

Hay Season in Latvia

A very rare case of farmer’s axe tan.

(submitted by Christine)

City Slickers - Vacation

City Slickers

Fortunately, they brought fans.

(submitted By Caroline)

Awkward Pose of the Week: The Banana Boat - Siblings

Awkward Pose of the Week: The Banana Boat

This is for the “cheaper by the dozen” kind of unit that has trouble fitting all the kids in the frame. It’s not only a space-saver, but it’s also packed with continuity, an awkward essential. Feeling really daring?… Throw in a lean.

(submitted by the Fairchild family)

The Out-Of-Towners - Wedding

The Out-Of-Towners

They came for a wedding… only problem was there wasn’t one.

(submitted by Anjelica)