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No Cabbage For You

“Guess who didn’t get the cabbage patch kid that year.”

(via ig: beegeesgeek)

Diaper Dandy

“My grandparents’ golden retriever sniffing my tush right in the middle of my 1971 workout.”

(submitted by IG @stuporfly)

Windex Marks The Spot

“Me and my bottle of windex when I was two. Ahh the 80s.”

(submitted by IG @libs2330)

Modern Art

“I thought buying the power washer would be a good way for my fifteen year old son to help out around the house.”

(submitted by IG @dtmontante

Merry Gothmas

“I asked my parents to do a family photo with me and this was the end result. I’m a very festive person.”

(submitted by Lizzy)

The Flute Split

“I distinctly remember the envy I felt when the family photographer suggested a solo series of my sister doing the splits and playing the flute, neither of which I could do. I did have a matching American flag sailor outfit, however.”

(submitted by IG @thea_wolfe

Dad Steel

“My Dad’s 1980s glamor shots.”

(submitted by IG @elvismom3

The Big Easy

“My great Aunts from Salt Lake City were visiting my Grandmother in New Orleans and wanted to see Bourbon Street.”

(submitted by IG @cocomoody

Potty Party

“Me, sitting on the newly installed toilet, with my proud Grandpa and my little brother in the early 70s.”

(submitted by IG @rockergirl.68


“I had been bugging my son about getting his quote done for the yearbook before the deadline. He seemed to be ignoring me so I gave him some advice about what not to do. Apparently he listened this time!”

(submitted by Andrea)