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Send In The Clown

“My brother was the clown at our family friend’s birthday party in 1981.”

(submitted by IG @beachpugmama)

Barney And Fiends

“This was a friend’s birthday party featuring beloved Barney and a Dalmatian who clearly moonlit as Donnie Darko.”

(submitted by IG @yasamin.rah)

Let It Slide

“The photographer (me) was supposed to be paying attention.”

(submitted by Susan)

Hold The Cheese

“My traumatizing birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese back in the day. I’m the girl hiding from the rat.”

(submitted by IG @marlena_007

Birthday On The Rocks

“This is my 6th birthday party and yes that’s a bottle of Vodka my mom had to put down in order to plop my birthday cake on the table (yes there is no plate under it). This is also the same day I learned to make my mom her screwdrivers. Ahhh, the 70’s in Brooklyn were great.”

(submitted by Joe)

Alpaca Party

“For my son’s 10th birthday, we thought it would be fun to have a party at an alpaca farm. It was quite a party.”

(submitted by Jennnifer)

Birthday Rager

“My family at my dad’s birthday. My dad is massaging his leg and clearly enjoying it. I am in the middle trying out VR. My brother-in-law is not impressed with the wig makeover my sister gave him. And the cat is a bonus.”

(submitted by IG @ksenichna

Don’t Clown So Close To Me

“Don’t know why my parents thought I would like to have him at my birthday party.”

(submitted by IG @bforischi_

Dinner Music

“This was taken at my bro’s birthday party at the exact moment he decided to let one rip.”

(submitted by IG @dadtoafox

Sponge Fun

“I was thrilled to receive a present of sponges on my third birthday.”

(submitted by IG @kimbo.carr)