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“This is my sister at her first birthday in 1983. For some reason the photographer thought this kaleidoscopic optical effect would be extremely flattering.”

(submitted by IG @matteo.g.sarti

It’s My Birthday

“We were celebrating my daughter’s first birthday and this picture was snapped of my daughter, her father and her nana. She did NOT want to take any pictures and did NOT want to be held.”

(submitted by Jillian)

“Big Bird”

“This was my second birthday party, November 15th, 1986! Apparently, this was supposed to be Big Bird. But clearly, this is not Big Bird. I would think I would be more frightened (given the lack of eyes!!!).”

(submitted by Jess) 

Mouse Trap

“My wife getting her 5th birthday spanking from Chuck E Cheese.”

(via source)

Happy Birthday Stephen

“Asked for a cake for Steven except with a “PH”… should’ve been more specific.”

(via source)

The Cock Bomb

“This is me on my 5th birthday, at my party, wearing a dress that says ‘sweet’. Behind me, my uncle is holding aloft a cock fighting picture.”

(submitted by IG @mernpunk)

Chuck E. Nightmare

“Not sure what the story is behind this, but I am sure I’ve incurred thousands in therapy bills as a result of it.”

(submitted by @jarsondarvis

Kathy’s Birthday Blowout

“These are my parents posing for a shot during my extremely festive family birthday party. Don’t they look excited?”

(submitted by Kathy)

Dee Dee And Me

“My girlfriend has always has a fear of clowns, I found this in some photos her mum gave her. Dee Dee the clown was his name and now we know where the fear started! 1993.”

(submitted by IG @dylanlesock)

Happy Bean Day

“My mom and my cousin. And no, those aren’t candles on the sad looking birthday cake.”

(submitted by IG @stefperosa)