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A kiss to build a nightmare on.

(submitted by Truex)

Parental Advisory

When they’re not fighting the power, they’re actually quite traditional.

(submitted by Chris)

Double Take

They wanted to change things up.

(submitted by Kelly)

Happy Together

A testament to the power of love.

(submitted by Steward)

Rock Of Ages

They wanted to experience a piece of history.

(submitted by Pat)

I Would Dye For You

Confession: It’s not someone’s natural hair color.

(submitted by Deborah)


When you’ve got the rhythm, it’s a snap.

(submitted by Justine)

Off To See The Wizard

There’s no place like foreclosure.

(submitted by Christie)

Love Triangle

“This is a photo with me, my husband, daughter and all my in-laws. In the very center of the picture, my mother in law is pressed up against her husband and ex-husband on each side. AWKWARD!”

(submitted by Jennifer)

Bag It

“Seven minutes in heaven” has evolved.

(submitted by Colleen)