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Lady Luck

“Dad trying to juggle his garage poker games while also babysitting, circa 1990.”

(submitted by @instantkarmaa_, via our friends at @oldschooldads)

Bear With Me

“My dad hard at work, 2004.”

(via source)

Breaking Dad

“My stepdad got in the newspaper. Unfortunately his picture had an unfortunate headline placement.”

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Baby On Board

“My parents were just kinda poor musicians back in the early 90s. We lived in the Florida keys and didn’t have a car so they did what they could to get to the grocery store and back. They attached the milk crate to the back of the scooter and I think they used a bungee chord as a seat belt.”

(via @savnahjane, from our friends at @oldschooldads)

Tale Of The Tape

“My dad said I hated wearing pants when I was a baby so to keep me from getting carpet burn, he loosely duct taped paper towels to my legs-notice my great grandma staring in disbelief.”

(via @probablydwt, courtesy of our friends @oldschooldads)

Backseat Driver

“My dad loved motorcycles. This is him on his Yamaha with me in back and my 2 year old brother bungee corded to the seatback.”

(submitted by Miranda)


Rewriting History

“Always known for her unique brand of tact, my nan doctored this photograph from my christening by replacing my dad’s face with my sister’s. This was done after my parents’ divorce. Whenever I would ask my nan about this photo, she would say, ‘Your dad? No I don’t think he was there on that day.'”

(submitted by Lucy)

New Wave

“This is the only baby photo I have.”

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Easter Meltdown

“I just wanted a nice picture from Easter Sunday!”

(submitted by Allison)


“That’s me in the background unsuccessfully trying to get a kite to stay airborne. Photo was taken by a long-time friend who finds it an effective blackmail tool.”

(submitted by Larry)