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The Catch

“It was always great when dad spent some time with us.”

(submitted by Amie)

The Meatball Metaphor

“My sister’s wedding reception came to an abrupt halt when our Dad collapsed and was taken away in an ambulance. Thankfully our Dad survived but we insisted she eat something before going to the hospital and when she opened up the food, a bag full of meatballs and gravy tumbled onto her dress which was a pretty apt metaphor for the day!”

(submitted by IG @cameronlauterer)

The Double Down

“This is the first time my Dad held me and my brother, making us a family of 6. Try for a daughter they said. It’ll be fun they said.”

(submitted by @thatweirdgirlkj)

Up A Creek

“My husband purchased land for an off-road park. While out for a “work day” his friend managed to drive his bronco into a creek and got stuck. They later posed for a picture not realizing the bronco, now permanently parked in the creek was in the shot. This is what happens on “daddy daughter day!”

(submitted by Kaylie)

Cliff Dive

“My husband obviously had trouble parking his car. Need I say more?”

(submitted by Alix)

Daddy’s Little Helper

“Dad decided to let me ride the lawnmower while cleaning the yard. Yes, that is a 1970’s era car seat attached to the lawnmower. Safety first!”

(submitted by Dee)

Birthday Lights

“Celebrating my 2-year-old birthday party in 1988, in Brazil with my Dad and his friends. My Dad took the photo while his friend was teaching me an important life skill.”

(submitted by IG @maira_bsb)

Disney Plus

“Our first family trip to Disney when I was 3. We had some mixed emotions.”

(submitted by IG @amortentia0_0)


“Here‘s a pic of my dad playing electric guitar in his underwear. He never put on more than a pair of underpants at home and it would drive my mother furious because she could never receive anyone unannounced.”

(submitted by IG @yaywebcomic)


“My dad was weirdly proud of the new trash can he got, so he had me stand in it while we posed with his parents.”

(submitted by IG @hawaiianpikachu)