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Chicago Fire

“My brother’s engagement picture was ruined by vaginas.”

(via source)


“They encountered a black metal band during their engagement shoot.”

(via source and Wheeland Photography)

Less Is More

“Tried taking a cute engagement photo, but my future name didn’t work out too well.”

(via source)

Initial Here

“So my friends are getting married. Their names are Steph and Martin.”

(via source)

An & Al

“We didn’t think this engagement photo through.”

(via source)

Engagement This

“My sister got engaged at a baseball game. Somebody wasn’t happy about it.”

(via source)

Two Special Moments

“A friend of mine and her boyfriend took their dogs on a walk in the woods the other day when he decided to pop the question. They wanted to capture the special moment. Little did they know they would capture two special moments.”

(via source)

Down, Boy

“At our engagement photo shoot, our pup, Hank, got a little too excited.”

(submitted by Emily)

The Tree Between Us

“This is my sister and her fiance’s engagement picture.”

(submitted by Nancy)

Not Quite Paris

“So my friend proposed to his girlfriend like this.”

(via source)