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Ceiling Swap

“Face Swap created a monster.”

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Deep Cover

“My friend decided to cover up the tattoo of his ex-wife.”

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Creature Comforts

“Friend moving her mattress today. Guess you can tell what was stored underneath?”

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Half And Half (And Half And Half)

“My friends ordered two pizzas last night. I don’t think they thought this through.”

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“My sister is the head pastry chef of a NYC restaurant. She made this for one of her friends who came in after his operation.”

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Renaissance Man

“My buddy found his 1572 doppelganger at the art museum.”

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Nature Boy

“Stuck his head in a hole in a tree to take a look. Guess what he found.”

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Self-Fulfilling T-Shirt Prophecy


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A Man For All Tinder Matches

“My friend wasn’t having any luck on Tinder ’til he updated his pictures.”

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The Half Monty

“I got married last week. My wife wanted me to take only serious photos with my groomsmen.”

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