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Heeere’s Baby

“A friend received this cake for her baby shower.”

(via source)

Face Slop

“My friend and her mom did a faceswap.”

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Lady Lick

“My friend’s dog sneaking its tongue into his mouth while he was laughing.”

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Supersize Me

“My friend got a couch. Company made a slight mistake.”

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Sock & Sandal Squad

“We all had the same fashion sense.”

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Happy Birthday, Daddy

“My girlfriend works as a cake decorator at a Baskin Robins. This is today’s order she has to make.”

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Mom The Ripper

“My mom has fought with so many of her friends that this picture is just her with a bunch of no-headed ladies.”

(via Tamara Yajia on Twitter)

Quite The Pair

“My friend is on his honeymoon in Indonesia and sent this photo.”

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Son Of Bean

“My friend’s cousin has embraced it.”

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Ceiling Swap

“Face Swap created a monster.”

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