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Multitasking: Dad Edition

“The one sitting down is my husband (the father) who couldn’t seem to find 5 minutes away from Xbox to feed our son, THANK GOD FOR BEST FRIENDS!”

(submitted by Joanne)

Lap Shot

“This is my wife’s family. The ladies are sisters and their husbands are lap buddies. Great idea from the photographer.”

(submitted by IG @dannbee43)

Hubba Bubba

“My friend managed to make this bubble.”

(via source)

Look Into Her Eyes

“My friends baby shower cake. The eyes were cut out of a newspaper and still haunt me to this day.”

(via source)

Heeere’s Baby

“A friend received this cake for her baby shower.”

(via source)

Face Slop

“My friend and her mom did a faceswap.”

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Lady Lick

“My friend’s dog sneaking its tongue into his mouth while he was laughing.”

(via source)

Supersize Me

“My friend got a couch. Company made a slight mistake.”

(via source

Sock & Sandal Squad

“We all had the same fashion sense.”

(via source)

Happy Birthday, Daddy

“My girlfriend works as a cake decorator at a Baskin Robins. This is today’s order she has to make.”

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