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Bear With Me

“My dad hard at work, 2004.”

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Shirt Happens

“We forgot it was picture day. Next time no shirts with words.”

(submitted by Jennifer)

Breaking Dad

“My stepdad got in the newspaper. Unfortunately his picture had an unfortunate headline placement.”

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No Flipping

“My parents got married in 1988 and they paid top dollar for this photographer and his cutting-edge editing abilities.”

(submitted by @sagekayje, via our friends at @oldschoolmoms)

Baby On Board

“My parents were just kinda poor musicians back in the early 90s. We lived in the Florida keys and didn’t have a car so they did what they could to get to the grocery store and back. They attached the milk crate to the back of the scooter and I think they used a bungee chord as a seat belt.”

(via @savnahjane, from our friends at @oldschooldads)

Feet Fault

“My nephew has a problem with authority.”

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Look Into Her Eyes

“My friends baby shower cake. The eyes were cut out of a newspaper and still haunt me to this day.”

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Breakfast On Bed

“I tried to make my parents breakfast in bed in 1993.”

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Nothing But Aquanet

“The women in my family went through a lot of hairspray in the 80’s.”

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Sticker Shock

“‘It was here a minute ago!’ My kid searching for his lost lollipop.”

(submitted by Mitch)