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Tale Of The Tape

“My dad said I hated wearing pants when I was a baby so to keep me from getting carpet burn, he loosely duct taped paper towels to my legs-notice my great grandma staring in disbelief.”

(via @probablydwt, courtesy of our friends @oldschooldads)

Heeere’s Baby

“A friend received this cake for her baby shower.”

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Golden Girl

“I love that my parents were so supportive of my swimsuit model ambitions from such a young age.”

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Log Off

“My Aunt thought it was a good idea to take her daughters on the log ride.”

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Backseat Driver

“My dad loved motorcycles. This is him on his Yamaha with me in back and my 2 year old brother bungee corded to the seatback.”

(submitted by Miranda)


Rewriting History

“Always known for her unique brand of tact, my nan doctored this photograph from my christening by replacing my dad’s face with my sister’s. This was done after my parents’ divorce. Whenever I would ask my nan about this photo, she would say, ‘Your dad? No I don’t think he was there on that day.'”

(submitted by Lucy)

Grace Under Pressure

“My suave nephew in a sea of crying babies.”

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New Wave

“This is the only baby photo I have.”

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Mohawk Rebellion

“This photo was taken in my backyard, shortly after my family marched in the town’s tri-centennial parade. Their costumes were on loan from the Westford Historical Society. My costume was of my own devising.”

(via Devin Person on Instagram)

Nature Boy

“In case you’ve ever wondered what happens when your kid wears green on picture day.”

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