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Second Thoughts

“Our daughter was not cooperating at the photoshoot.”

(submitted by Jeff)

Squeeze Play

“My siblings didn’t like me very much (I’m the one trapped underneath). This happened more than I cared for.”

(submitted by IG @h.a.i.l.e.y._32

Best In Show

“This was at a horse show in 1991. A lovely picture of my mother before her class. And yeah…that’s 8 year old me picking the most epic wedgie of my life.”

(submitted by IG @tifalyn

Man Down

“These are my three boys and this was a professional shoot as a gift for my in-laws. The photographer was very swift, but not fast enough for my youngest son. I love this gem but my mother-in-law hated its imperfection.”

(submitted by IG @nicolefromholland

The Promotion

“‘I didn’t ask for this,’ said our very stubborn 2.5 year old. He had the same expression in every photo from the session.”

(submitted by IG @itsbrittlee


“My father-in-law babysitting my 2 year-old daughter Lillian. I’m just thankful they BOTH fell asleep at the same time :)”

(submitted by Euless)

Low Rider

“When my mom was coming back from the local market in December of ’94, she saw a guy taking pictures of children on top of this animal at my grandmother’s street. She thought: ‘well, why not put my ten month old baby on top of that sheep?'”

(submitted by IG @jessstori)


“We were standing waiting for the pictures to be taking – all of us doing whatever. My husband was taking the pictures and he was testing the shot. Could not have posed this one if we tried.”

(submitted by Christine)

Pipe Dreams

“Photo of my brother and I, and a pipe, when we were kids in Germany.”

(submitted by Chloe)

Skater Girl

“This was the gem of my high school senior picture portfolio. At the time, the effect was cutting edge. Now I like to tell my kids that I had to skate really fast to look that dumb.”

(submitted by Ronda)