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Faceoff #2

Susan would have had no idea there was any tension if it wasn’t for the burning sensation on either side of her head.

(submitted by Susan)


“This is my husbands paternal Grandparents. They were burning down an old barn on their farm. I have always loved this picture because of their pose and expressions totally does not match the background.”

(submitted by Rachel)

Pop Your Collar

This family keeps every day casual.

(submitted by Cait)

Stepped Right Into It

Who put that there?

(submitted by Chris)

The Winner

This young man displays all the qualities of a champion.

(submitted by William)


This father isn’t going to let anything spoil his moment.

(submitted by Kim)


The children just love the petting zoo there.

Operation Wedding

This wedding was so well camouflaged that only 3 of the guests were able to find it.

(submitted by Bob)

Say Cheese!

And the photographer thought that it would be hard to get the baby to smile.

(submitted by Andrea)


Something tells us an itinerary is involved here.

(submitted by Alissa)