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Saturday Night Special: Bottom’s Up

Sometimes, it’s all about framing.

(submitted by Steph)


Dad celebrated our nation’s independence in his own unique way.

(submitted by H)

Nosy Neighbor

Some dogs just can’t mind their own business.

(submitted by Noelle)

Grandpa’s Last Stand

At least he didn’t go down without a fight.

(submitted by Debbie)

The Snakes Are Alright

These kids have been banned from show and tell.

(submitted by Sarah)

Caught In The Act

This cat is still waiting for the proof.

(submitted by Sue)

Christmas Confidential

It’s also the most mysterious time of the year.

(submitted by Whit)

The Protector

You should see this father when a telemarketer calls after 6.

(submitted by Jairus)


Dad was feeling a little too relaxed about fatherhood.

(submitted by Anna)

Wild Hogs

This scenic stop was a thrill for these three seniors, but not as much as kicking over a few Harleys.

(submitted by Amy)