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French Kiss

When you see an opening, you take it.

(submitted by Katie)

Saturday Night Special: The Golden Child

Did we mention he was a Golden?

(submitted by Brenda)

Chip Off The Old Block

Dad taught him every cocky thing he knew.

(submitted by Mark)

Horsefront Riding

You can’t even lead a horse to water like this.

(submitted by Stephanie)

Santa’s Little Helpers

There were a few reindeer layoffs this year.

(submitted by Shelley)

The Reach

The only way to truly know if he’s still there.

(submitted by Sarah)

Splish Splash

Another “Calgon Moment.”

(submitted by Casey)

The Slopes

These animal lovers proudly display their two mink coats.

(submitted by Heather)


The backbone of this family is an actual backbone.

(submitted by Bruce)

Saturday Night Special: Chimps In Space

Monkeys have dreams too.

(submitted by Jay)