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Space Invader

“The amount of room in the bed that my parents give to our dog seems excessive.”

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There’s A Monkey In The Shower

“My husband showering with our monkey (Tasha).”

(submitted by Shannon)

Lady Lick

“My friend’s dog sneaking its tongue into his mouth while he was laughing.”

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Love Bite

“Apparently my cat doesn’t like selfies.”

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Cat In The Headlights

“My and my cat Lila having our photo done whilst she wishes she were far far away. A typical mother/teenage daughter dynamic I feel.”

(submitted by Naomi)

Good Lick Charm

“Our elegant engagement photo shoot.”

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Before & After

“Pregnancy photograph hilariously ruined/improved by our lovably moronic dogs. Who apparently possess both comedic timing and a vague understanding of irony.”

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The Big 1-0

“Here is my chihuahua Howie on his most recent 10th birthday. I buy all my dogs a cake every year for their birthdays, because I’m that dog mom.”

(submitted by Tracy) 

First Mate

“My aunt’s picture of her ‘men’ working on the new sail.”

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String Attached

“Our cat ate a balloon string. My husband and I can officially check this off our bucket list. FINALLY.”

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