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The Slopes

These animal lovers proudly display their two mink coats.

(submitted by Heather)

Saturday Night Special: Chimps In Space

Monkeys have dreams too.

(submitted by Jay)

Pet-A-Likes: Bunny Edition

It isn’t just cats and dogs.

(submitted by Lynne)

Single White Canine

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

(submitted by Bruce)

Monkey in The Middle

Marry me. You marry the monkey.

(submitted by AFPP Hall-of-Famer Naomi)

The Great Outdoors

These pets are not allowed on the couch unless the couch is outside.

(submitted by Kevin)


They couldn’t understand why theirs went through so many scratch pads.

(submitted by Bailey)


Be careful what you wish for.

(submitted by Rachel)

The Kiss

8 lives to go.

(submitted by Tiffany)


Some things you just do for the girls.

(submitted by Jeremy)