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Classy Cat Lady

She may worship her feline friend, but she does it in style.

(submitted by Harry)

Saturday Night Special: Red, White, and White

What’s real and what’s stuffed? You decide.

(submitted by John)

The Dog And I

You smile.

(submitted by JJ)


Joy isn’t the only motivation.

(submitted by Ryan)


This possum is a spooner.

(submitted by Alison)


Don’t toy with me.

(submitted by Maggie)

French Kiss

When you see an opening, you take it.

(submitted by Katie)

Saturday Night Special: The Golden Child

Did we mention he was a Golden?

(submitted by Brenda)

Horsefront Riding

You can’t even lead a horse to water like this.

(submitted by Stephanie)

Santa’s Little Helpers

There were a few reindeer layoffs this year.

(submitted by Shelley)