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Roller Coaster

(Eye) Roller Coaster

“This is me and my two boys. Doesn’t the younger one look happy to be at a festival?”

(submitted by LeAnne)

Hilarious Roller Coaster Photos

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Flume Of Gloom

Grandma was not impressed.

(via evolution)


Just because you’re on a flume doesn’t mean you can’t find time to do other things.

(submitted by Jason)

David & Goliath

Goliath wins.

(submitted by Dave)

Saturday Night Special: Baghead

Who says mom can’t let loose?

(submitted by Cyndi)

Joyride 2

Someone’s got butterflies.

(submitted by Jennifer)

Awkward Roller Coaster Photo: The Before

Something tells us you don’t want to see the after.

(submitted by Will)


She will never play poker.

(submitted by Angela)