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“Family photo circa 1980. Guess who has the home haircut and who doesn’t.”

(submitted by IG @zibaramaley

Pretty In Pink

“Me and my sisters with the 90s glamour shots. Not sure if we were going for a pink ladies vibe or what. And for the little hair we had, they sure got it to stand up tall.”

(submitted by IG @celestecragun

Four Daughters, Four Personalities

“I had 4 daughters in 6 years. They couldn’t be more different from each other. Guess which one is the spitfire? We had pictures taken at the mall because I thought they’d have better luck getting everyone to look in the same direction and smile. The lady was so apologetic that this was the best shot she got. I thought it was perfect!”

(submitted by Summer) 


“Back in the seventies, my mother bought large quantities of discount fabric to make clothes for the family. Here are my father and three brothers. I’m so glad I was a girl.”

(submitted by Linda)

Red, White, And Groovy

“My Mom has always been a creative sewer. Back in the early 70’s she thought dressing the family alike in the cool, trendy flag cloth would be a great idea. Note the awesome brown polyester pants and cool white belts sported by the guys! And little me on my father’s knee! This picture has been out of the family’s eye for decades and I recently dug it out of somewhere.  I showed it to my Mom and her reaction was “Good lord, what was I thinking?” That got a huge chuckle from me!”

(submitted by Ann)


Our Little Angel

“This is my family Christmas card from 1999. I was the angel.”

(submitted by IG @carolinetheengineer

Santa’s Pants

“My brother drowning in Santa’s pants.”

(submitted by IG @itsureisamyhashmi

Into The Wild

“This is my little brother when he was about 9. Not sure what is up with the forest animals.”

(submitted by IG @divajennifer and @jbillini

Lots Of Love

“This Christmas card outtake from 1993 perfectly captured me and my siblings mid-meltdown after a long afternoon posing for the camera. (We love each other nevertheless.)”

(submitted by IG @313mjd

The Christmas Chew

“God bless my mom for keeping a straight face for our very 90s Christmas card while my little sister chewed on my face.”

(submitted by IG @satiem