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Big Pimpin

“Halloween has always been a favorite holiday in our house. This year we decided to have sibling couples costumes. I was 12 and my brother was 9 and i still don’t know what my mother was thinking!”

(submitted by Natalie) 


Don’t Sweat It

“My dad grew up in Minnesota, where the tradition of sweating out your worries (and clearly your soul), in a giant, cedar oven is passed down from each white, pasty, Scandinavian generation to the next.”

(submitted Corissa)

Mixed Reviews

“My friends had a sonogram to determine the gender of their child. Care to guess what it is?”

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Miss Piggy

“My parents used to put us through a lot when we were younger, but my sister as the pig definitely got it the worst.”

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Field And Stream

“A majestic pic of my sister on a horse in 1985.”

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The Wish Stealer

“Exactly 27 years ago, my mom took the perfect picture of me and my sister. Some things never change.”

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“One year my mom made my brother and I outfits from the drapes that came with our beautiful couch.”

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“These two brothers both won the lottery on the same day.”

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Separation Anxiety

“Today was my niece’s first day of kindergarten. Not happy to see her go? Her little sister.”

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Shoes To Fill

“By far my favorite pic of my twin brother and I.”

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