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Shaping Up

“Me and my younger sister in the mid 80s taken at a mall in Waukegan, IL. I remember being super upset about having to wear these matching Esprít outfits with my sister, hence the forced smile.”

(submitted by IG @mitz_vee)

The Downers

“1993. My siblings and me (the blonde) got the great idea to take a portrait of ourselves for a surprise Christmas present for our Mom. However, none of us were in the mood for photos on that particular day.”

(submitted by IG @tracymccane)

As The World Turns

“My younger son was not in the mood to celebrate his brother’s birthday.”

(submitted by IG @loosha1014


“My sister wanted to make sure her eyes stayed open for the picture.”

(submitted by IG @slebak

Roll Bounce

“I am the one bent over with a pillow duct taped to his butt. The girl in the background is my sister. Yeah, so that pretty much sums it up!”

(submitted by Keith)


“Here’s our life with a toddler.”

(submitted by IG @arrica26)


“Still not sure why my mom wanted to take us for Halloween pics with the Michael Myers of penguins.”

(IG @80summercamp

Breaking Wind

“My brother wasn’t thrilled about his new windbreaker in 1994.”

(submitted by IG @ashleylovespadthai)


“My Mom wanted my sister and I to pose together for dance recital photos. She wanted something unusual and suggested this. The photographer thought it was a swell idea.”

(submitted by Amy)


“I wonder where my sister’s ‘middle child syndrome’ came from.”

(submitted by IG @vobi_wankenobi