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Family Portrait


He was blinded by the flowers.

(submitted by Stephanie)

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner

He was famished.

(submitted by Daniela)

Resident Alien

The Tanners were on vacation.

(submitted by Selena)


Pick a child. Any child.

(submitted by Lindsay)

The Wild Bunch

You never know what you’re going to find in the net.

(submitted by Sharon)

Care Bears

He was a shoe-in for grumpy bear.

(submitted by Moses in Israel)

The Hangover

“I was a rebellious kid growing up. The night before this photo– I had stayed out late and had been drinking. When my mother saw me, she made us all wear sunglasses to hide the fact that I was so hungover.”

(submitted by Ryan)

As The World Turns

Or perhaps War Of The Worlds.

(submitted by Andrew)

Saturday Night Special: The View

Clearly taken from their mountain home.

(submitted by Traci)


They proudly displayed him for everyone to see.

(submitted by Mark)