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Uncles, Aunts, & Cousins

The Getaway

“My sister really wanted a photo with my boys. They had mixed feelings about it.”

(submitted by Mary) 

Uncle Dick’s Condiment Photobomb

“My stepdaughters and I were in Chicago visiting my brother-in-law, a professional photographer. He would always set up a mini-studio and shoot pics of the family while we would visit. This particular year, it coincided with a BBQ. Uncle Dick, my mother-in-law’s brother, had been carrying items to the table without realizing he was walking thru the background of the set. He had no idea we were taking pics.”

(submitted by Richard)


“This is my mom on the far left, aunt in center, and grandmother on right. I am not quite sure what they were going for here.”

(submitted by Emily) 


“This is me wetting my pants while my father plays chess.”

(submitted by IG @aslanchik_)

Uncle Wally

“Uncle Wally is not a very good babysitter.”

(submitted by Liz)

Masked Man

“This is…Uncle Michael.”

(submitted by Amber)

Step Off

“During a cousins photo shoot, my brother fell off the stool mid-temper tantrum and the photographer managed to catch all of my cousins’ reactions.”

(submitted by IG @tbuttt)


“My aunt took me to my first (and only) Broadway audition for Annie. Yes. Annie on Broadway. She put me in a room with professional singers, dancers, and actresses for a shot at the lead role. Her belief in me was nothing short of fantastical. I had no professional headshots (or singing or acting or dancing experience), so they took a Polaroid of me for the audition. Pretty sure the sign above me was merely a coincidence.”

(submitted by IG @seka337

First Impression

“My son, meeting his aunt for the first time.”

(submitted by IG @chiaralmare

The Big Easy

“My great Aunts from Salt Lake City were visiting my Grandmother in New Orleans and wanted to see Bourbon Street.”

(submitted by IG @cocomoody