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Uncles, Aunts, & Cousins

Kissing Cousins

“Circa 2004. The boy in the middle is my brother and all the ladies are my sisters and cousins.”

(submitted by IG @cathiimae

Head Space

“My aunt and her kids…not sure what to say about this horrible concept other than ‘headache much?'”

(submitted by IG @demonival

Step Off

“During a cousins photo shoot, my brother fell off the stool mid-temper tantrum and the photographer managed to catch all of my cousins’ reactions.”

(submitted by IG @tbuttt)

Uncle Wally

“Uncle Wally is not a very good babysitter.”

(submitted by Liz)


“An uncle gifted my sisters and I dolls made to look like us (they even had matching moles and freckles). My mom felt it was necessary to have professional photos taken with them. Thanks.”

(submitted by IG @carinalindberg_23)

Gut Check

“Here’s me driving a houseboat around age 8 in Arkansas with either my dad or my uncle’s belly as the co-pilot.”

(submitted by IG @littlecloudjen)

Phoning It In

“This is a photo of my whole family. My uncle was away on a hunting trip, so my aunt gave the photographer a picture of him so he could just ‘blend him in’ to the background. Clearly this man was a professional!”

(submitted by Dana)

Heads Up

“My cousin. 1970s. No words.”

(submitted by IG @_chelsea_lunsford_)


“My Aunt’s high school drill team photo. Do you think she needs more props?”

(submitted by Christie) 


Muddy Waters

“My friend, who is a professional portrait photographer took this picture of the young kids in our family.”

(submitted by IG @erintabak, photo by IG @mrsdeephotographee)