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Uncles, Aunts, & Cousins

Armed and Endangered

“My aunt and uncle in the mid 80’s.”

(submitted by Dominic)

Clown Crew

“This pic is from the late 60s, taken on Long Island. My aunt Donna and Uncle John with their grandma (my great) Mabel and a terrifying painting of a clown painted by my mom. My aunt with the cat was all about saving animals at that point but grew up to be an amazing saver of humans – she was a 9/11 first responder and is now working in a Covid unit at a hospital in Virginia.”

(submitted by IG @cmacbride)

Scissor Move

“At my niece’s birthday party, everyone was so busy assembling the toy car that no one noticed my son making off with the scissors. (He was fine…my sister caught him at it moments after this pic was snapped).”

(submitted by IG @jessiespatch

Morning People

“A festive photo of 8-month old me, my mom, and my Aunt in a Kurdish photo studio in Turkey, 1997.”

(submitted by IG @rojda.durdu

Rec Heads

“Russellville Alabama. early 90s and my uncles (on the top and bottom left) and their friends were really into Rec Center amateur wrestling. They even built a ring in their backyard.”

(submitted by IG @joshuaheathscott

The Corrections Collections

“My uncle was a corrections officer at an upstate NY jail. He collected clown paintings done by the inmates.”

(submitted by IG @arguidaarch

The Unusual Suspects

“Our happy Christmas in 90s Brazil.”

(submitted by IG @paula_bissoni

Cousin Cavalcade

“Me on the far left with my cousins and my mother’s best friend’s kids in the mid 80s in Quincy, Massachusetts in the house I grew up in.”

(submitted by IG @imasnapyou

Trampoline DIY

“Sydney Australia, when I was about five or six, at my aunties house and my mum still insists she was watching me. Nothing broken that couldn’t be bodged up by an uncle!”

(submitted by IG @kitchyladykrista

Photoshop Fun With Uncle Steve

“Uncle Steve was having fun with photo editing and sent these out to our family. I’m in the pot on the back burner on the right. And please note the detached arms flailing in the rear pot.”

(submitted by IG @al.heng)