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Uncles, Aunts, & Cousins

Scrambled Legs

“My aunt and uncle’s legs in an old photo made me do a double take.”

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Disney After Dark

“My dear, sweet, conservative mother-in-law put together a Mickey and Minnie themed photo album of my wife and I…”

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Meh-rry Christmas

“My sister and I thought it might be a good idea to have our kids’ photos taken as a Christmas present for my mom. With two hungry, tired newborn babies and a bored 3 year old, it was quite possibly the worst day of our lives. This was the best pic we could get of all three of them.”

(submitted by Colleen)

Doc Ock Jr.

“My nephew, the octopus.”

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Burning Question

“My little cousins, both girls, ages 7 and 9, slid this under the door while I was using the restroom.”

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Special Delivery

“My cousin gave birth on Halloween night. This was how her doc was dressed.”

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The Great Cousins Photo of 1989

“We had a family photo of all the cousins (minus 2 who weren’t born yet) taken for my grandparents wedding anniversary.”

(submitted by Rob)

Uneasy Rider

“My childless uncle watching the kids for the weekend.”

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Arm Candy

“My niece looking very pleased with herself.”

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Bathroom Selfie

“This is my sister babysitting my son when he was younger. He eventually worked out the clog.”

(submitted by Zach)