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Flower Girls

One followed orders while the other had bigger plans.

(submitted by Gina)

Saturday Night Special: Please Be Seated

Because no matter how in love we might be, we’ll always need a break.

(submitted by John)

The Wedding Tree

They were having trouble looking natural.

(submitted by Sarah)

Hair’s Looking At Us

In sickness and health just got “sick.”

(submitted by Janet)

Taking A Dive

“This here epic photograph was taken about twenty years ago in England when my aunt and uncle were married. The photographer was trying to take a photograph of the happy newlyweds when my sister walked in front of them. She soon realized her error – as she was in the way of the photographer – so she decided to dive to the ground in an effort to not ‘get in the way.’ As you can see, she failed at her attempt to remain unseen and the awkwardness prevails.”

(submitted by Jessi)

Out Of My Bouquet

“Nothing is going to stand in the way of getting the bouquet.”

(submitted by Kayla)

Napkin Please

“My Uncle’s wedding with his new wife. A picture perfect moment as they ride away in their petty cab… ruined by my sister accidentally throwing a red napkin instead of a rose petal.”

(submitted by Addison)

Lay Your Hands On Me

You may be married to him, but that doesn’t mean you can’t share.

(submitted by Lisa)

Can I Get You Another Size?

Sometimes the shoe fits but the headdress doesn’t.

(submitted by Jake)

My Best Friend’s Sweating

It’s good to be the maid of honor.

(submitted by Jill)