The Awkward Holiday Photo Contest
Presented by Parental Guidance

After an extremely close race, we would like to congratulate our winner Heather, who is finally being rewarded for all those trips to Grandma’s house with signed copies of the AFP books and the official Awkward Family Photos board game.

Special recognition to Rachelle and her daughter Eloise who, upon second thought, can have as many cupcakes as she wants 🙂

Thanks to all of our nominees and the whole community for submitting so many great pictures (see them all here) and we wish you all a safe and awkward holiday!

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Grandmother’s House

“I am the girl in the front with the awful face! I strongly disliked Christmas at Grandma’s house. Hence the face.”

Submitted by Heather

Gingerbread Girl

“This is my 2-year-old daughter Eloise after I caught her eating cupcakes that she was not supposed to have. Doesn’t she look remorseful?”

Submitted by Rachelle

Nightmare Before Christmas

“This was taken back in 1971 when I was about 18 months old. My grandmother had one of our cousins dress up as Santa to surprise me and my aunt (who is holding me). I’m not sure what happened to Santa on the way over…..looks like he was run over by one of his reindeer. I think this is where I got my early love of all things scary :)”

Submitted by Heather


“This is the photo my Grandmother sent out as her Xmas card in the early 70s. She didn’t like my Dad’s not-smiling face so she cut out one from a different picture, pasted it in place and sent it to the printers. Note the glue on my dad’s face where grandma had attempted to affix the smiling face before it shifted during printing completely unintentionally. Still one of the funniest things ever (still) sent to more than 200 friends and family.”

Submitted by Karrie

Seeing Red

“My mother always dressed my brothers and I alike, but one Christmas, she made everyone do it. This is the result. I’m the one who is not smiling because I’m pretty sure I just received a “talking to” for my objection to the madness.”

Submitted by Greg


“Three generations in our family, all looking hideous in our matching sweatshirts and green pants.”

Submitted by Dawn

Nighty Nighties

“How my mother got us all into these horrible “homemade” outfits I will never know.”

Submitted by Callie

Put On A Happy Face

“This is me Christmas 1975. I can’t tell who is the most unhappy…me or Santa?”

Submitted by Jennifer

Reindeer Games

“This is a picture of me eight months pregnant. My girlfriends came into town and I thought it would be great if they painted this on me to use for Christmas cards.”

Submitted by Amanda

Holy Rollers

“I have to say, it’s hard to know just where to begin when looking back at our family Christmas photo from ’89.”

Submitted by Eric