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Bride Threatens Bridesmaids With Forced Lie Detector Test After One Leaked Her Outrageous Demands

When it comes to weddings and demands, most brides expect a lot from their friends and family. It’s no secret that women want their special days to be “perfect,” and almost...

Nothing But Aquanet

“Back in the day, bigger hair was better hair. We both could have been the back up singers for Poison. I’m sure I helped kill the ozone with all the aqua net I used. My poor son was helpless with us as his parents. We rocked it.”

(submitted by Michelle)


Parrot Stuck On Roof For Three Days Tells Firefighters Rescuing Her To ‘F*** Off’

An abusive parrot named Jessie got herself stuck on a roof in North London, and proceeded to continually scream “f-ck off” at firefighters when they tried to rescue...

People Are Sharing The Worst Piece Of Advice They’ve Ever Heard

In times of distress, we often turn to the ones closest to us for advice. Sometimes that advice is comforting and helpful, but other times it’s just downright ridiculous. It...

Happy Birthday Ana!

“Mom made me a birthday cake last year. She didn’t leave enough room to dot the exclamation point.”

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Parents Are Supporting Chrissy Teigen By Sharing Adorable Pictures Of Their Kids In Helmets

Chrissy Teigen—mom, cookbook author, model, Twitter queen, and just general breath of fresh air in human form—posted an absolutely adorable picture of her son Miles on...

31 Tweets About Life With Children That’ll Have Parents Asking, ‘Did I Write This?’

On the one hand, it’s difficult not to believe that your own kids are the smartest, most precious and unique little creatures on the face of the planet. On the other, the trials...

Downward Dog

“My friend’s dog had puppies. This is the family photo attempt.”

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The Science Project

“My sister is a teacher. This was a 5th grader’s submission for today’s Science Fair.”

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Doc Ock Jr.

“My nephew, the octopus.”

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