The Girl Under the Chair

June 30th, 2009

The Girl Under the Chair - Siblings

“So my grandfather died today and we’ve been all grieving. Somehow i got roped into the creation of the photo slideshow at the funeral. Everyone brought over their photos for me to scan and I saw this gem. Its my grandfathers step-children (which includes its very own ‘red-headed step-child’, a dude with a mullet, a dude who looks stoned/sleepy,a dude who looks angry, and a A girl under the chair.

The girl under the chair is my little aunt – as in younger than me (she was adopted by my grandfather and step-grandmother).

So on top of being an awkward photo they are, in fact, a pretty awkward family.”

(submitted by Eric)

109 Responses to “The Girl Under the Chair”

  1. Lily says:

    Hey, there really IS a red-headed step child!

  2. emm says:

    maybe they are circus folk—lion tamers??

  3. emm says:

    maybe they are circus folk–lion tamers??

  4. VoldemortWearsPrada says:

    She refused to come out after they attempted to force her to go to their barber for her next haircut.

  5. Lisa says:

    What’s up with Backwards-Chair-Sitter’s twisted pantleg? That can’t be comfortable. He and Mullet oughta trade shoes. Solid black (possibly velcro?) walking shoes with light blue jeans just doesn’t go.

    I do think they’re all related (or at least share the same mother) – I can see the resemblance around their eyes.

    I wonder if that poor girl had to iron all their shirts before the photo shoot.

  6. ox says:

    Bring back the 80’s…..

    My three prom dates…

  7. Jacob C. says:

    Classic awkwardness. On so many of these pictures I just think, “What was the photographer thinking?”

  8. Sara Jane says:

    Notice the Mullet Dude’s right foot placed awkwardly in would think that wouldn’t be very comfortable

  9. Blucat says:

    That background is certainly a shade of blue not found in nature or in any clothing not found at your local Goodwill. (not dissing Goodwill, just a joke 😉 )

  10. Xtina says:

    And here I thought waterboarding was bad. Sheesh.

  11. “Banished to live under the chair forever, Emily decided to make the best of it with a shelf.”

    What else could she do?
    Her only other option would be the infamous double hand shelf.

  12. Mark says:

    The guy with the buzz cut looks pretty smug about capturing the girl under his chair.

  13. Mark says:

    Mullet, black jeans, and white sneakers…nice!!! But why the button down shirt? It must be covering a two sizes too small Iron Maiden concert tshirt.

  14. Heather says:

    Nice collection of hair styles.

  15. JustJane says:

    Man on the chair looks like he dribbled.

  16. letsroll says:

    Why are their elbows on his leg? Ewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! Unless?? This one is jacking me up big time.

  17. Amy says:

    Well, Emily sure knows her place in the family.

  18. CanWeSayAwkward? says:

    Yep, they’re from the South!

  19. too cool says:

    looks like a family mugshot. They all look so tired from being on the run for so long

  20. Melba says:

    It’s not the arm shelf that bothers me so much as the two thigh shelves.

    • cattyn says:

      I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one bothered by that! Why are the two guys on the outside leaning on the thighs of the guy in the middle? I think that’s awkward.

  21. ricocarlos says:

    This photo represents the widest variety of hairstyles in a single photo on this site.

  22. ALL CATS ARE GREY says:

    they look like they are holding her captive….can someone please check on her. Thank You

  23. TinTX says:

    my 3 dads. . .??

  24. nikki says:

    In order for the photographer to get all that 80’s hair/mullet in one picture Emily needed to hit the floor

  25. karn mulva says:

    The guys on the ends are attempting the “quadruple knee shelf with a reverse twist”, but oh no! the mullet on the right could not complete the “full self hand grab”…completing with only the “index finger grab”…nice try boys, nice try…

    • Sara Jane says:

      Thank you for that!! I don’t think I have laughed that hard in a long time!!! High Five!

    • GabiAlfonso says:

      You nailed it. I’m glad I read your comment before posting a similar one. I would correct you on one thing, it’s a double knee shelf chair back straddle. Good catch on the botched wrist grab

      • karn mulva says:

        No, it’s definately quad knee shelf ( 2 self knee, 2 partner) but I DID miss the chair back straddle…sometimes they just move so fast to catch it. Thanks for the point out!

  26. 12gager says:

    And a very nice use of a double elbow-to-leg shelf by the guys.

  27. Tackmaster General says:

    Not what I expected the government’s top team of assassins to look like.

  28. karn mulva says:

    Awkward Band Photo 2- “Emily & The Enforcers”

  29. laurie says:

    Looks like the guy on the right didn’t get the memo about wearing blue. Combo breaker!

  30. Just my opinion says:

    This photographer has got some skills, not only is there an arm shelf, but notice the down on one knee on both sides, followed up with a lean on the leg… on both sides! Genius!

  31. Suze says:

    Today on “Lifetime”….

  32. Wombatgirl says:

    It appears mustache man’s hair is hovering

  33. Sophsoph says:

    Mullet, sneakers, mustache and a shelf… all the ingredients to throw you back in the 80’s…

  34. jhelm says:

    Those guys are a little creepy.

  35. TR says:

    I know what mall photo studio chain took this pic, as I used to work for them… this was one of their “standard” poses that we were allowed to do. Looking back, I’m appalled that they encouraged such awkwardness, hahaha.

  36. Lori says:

    maybe they are co-workers…

  37. Amanda says:

    Oh awesome! The show “My Three Dads” is making a comeback!

  38. missmouthwash says:

    how are these people related!?

  39. April says:

    Her three dads.

  40. Stacey says:

    mmm. mullet-y goodness.

  41. “Don’t sit under the Awkward tree, with anyone else but me, anyone else but, anyone else but meeee…” Glen Miller’s original lyrics were found to be too…awkward for their generation.

  42. Miss L says:

    Yeah, and the guy with the mullet looks like captor.

  43. funkyfreaktuesdays says:

    I think i saw this family on “America’s Got Talent”.

  44. Bernardo says:

    The man on the right’s right foot is awkward in its own right. Right?

  45. sfhdfh says:

    love the shoes on the guy to the right

  46. Emily enjoyed her stay with Vic Bob and Jon, she was treated just like part of the furniture.

  47. RedCrossDude says:

    The man with the mustache looks like husband.

  48. firefly86 says:

    once again, the tagline is even funnier than the picture. good call. 🙂

  49. Rugerman says:

    At least she could check on her cleaning

  50. eric bizzle says:

    If all those kids are in the same family……..I’d have to have a VERY long talk with the mother…….

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