White Lines

November 14th, 2009

White Lines - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

“A picture taken of my father and sister. This is around 1983-1984. It was a professional photo, not candid, so he had to plan this outfit out.”

(submitted by Kim)

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  1. Powder says:

    Come on guys…
    This page is all in good fun! The pictures are suppose to make you laugh and possibly remember times in your life that were similar or just the novelty of eras past. It is JUST a shirt. I mean this guy isn’t tweeking or having his daughter hold the mirror so daddy can “cut up his sugar”. Just relax a bit. At least he is spending time with his baby and they look happy. Things don’t have to be taken so literally. I mean, a zombie didn’t really eat my stick-figure family, not do I actually brake for whales as my bumper stickers imply. So have a laugh and let’s not be so hateful ya’ll. And remember…
    drugs and feathered hair are bad…m’kay

  2. Trish says:

    My grandparents brought back t-shirts from Hawaii for all their grandkids. Grandma was so excited to give us our “pineapple plant” shirts. Um, it didn’t take long before my parents had those shirts in hand with the images of “weed”. We didn’t know what “weed” meant, only that we weren’t allowed to wear it.

    Oh, I love my grandparents. Lol

    • kristin says:

      When my grandma passed away, my dad gave me some of her jewelry and one of them was a HUGE and gorgeous silver and turquoise necklace of a pot leaf. I hope the person who sold it to her (wasn’t cheap either) had a lot of sleepless nights over taking advantage of a clueless elderly woman.

  3. Sherry says:

    Is that really her dad? I thought it was an older sibling. I was in high school in the late 70’s & had a shirt that said “I’m so Happy I Could Just S***!” One of my teachers asked me not to wear it in his class, but as for the rest of them, no one seemed to care in the least! Try that today & see what would happen 🙂

    • Jeanie says:

      Right??? People are too “stiff” Now a days! Irritates the s*** out of me!! People really need to relax a little!

    • Grace says:

      Once my parents bought me a t-shirt (of my choice) from a shirt kiosk in the sketchy mall near our apartment building. I chose one with a ripped 20-something guy stretching, shirtless and all greased up. The caption said, “A Hard Man is Good to Find”. I was probably, oh, 9-10 years old. Still shaking my head at that choice, Mom and Dad (and secretly a little sad said shirt isn’t still kickin’ around)! 😉

    • Stiffy Stifferson says:

      As a parent, I agree with your teacher, though back when I was in high school, I bought what I thought was a really clever shirt with a photo of Hitler on it. It was done in the style of a concert t-shirt and showed the countries Germany invaded as though they were concert dates. (Pretty sure I bought it at Spencers. I mean, where else would you find stupid stuff like that back then?) Concerts in Britain, Russia, and the U.S. were “cancelled.” My little sister, however, was mortified. While we were all eating dinner that night, she left the table, took the shirt from my room, and burned it in the fireplace. I was furious at the time, but she actually did me a huge favor. And, yeah, I was a moron. Jealous?

  4. Lisa says:

    I don’t think anyone is (or should be) making judgement on this guys parenting, just his choice of appropriate shirts for a professional family picture and that’s what makes it hilarious. Some people are just wound a bit too tight 😉

  5. DonnaE says:

    My Dad’s favourite Tshirt in the 70’s was an anti-smoking campaign shirt which read;
    “Kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray”
    We have HEAPS of photos with him in that shirt – ’nuff said.
    (Although – neither my brother or I smoke!)

  6. Christina says:

    1. I’ve seen shirts that have said worse on parents, doesn’t mean they are bad parents. maybe just a momentary lapse in judgement. I’m not perfect are you?

    2. Anyone remember the “Marijuana, hey at least it’s not crack” shirt? THAT was funny!

    3. Not every father is a poster child for propriety. Actually, I charge you with the task of finding ONE who is!

  7. SEG says:

    I don’t think the dad could get away with wearing a shirt like that around a kid now.

  8. suzy says:

    The ’70s had different humor. Shirts with outrageous slogans were common, and meant to be a joke. Nobody who used cocaine would have worn a shirt advertising that fact. I remember a shirt that said “ARMED and DANGEROUS!” and featured a picture of the muzzle of a gun. It certainly didn’t mean that the driver was actually carrying firearms!

    • QueenieFrancie says:

      you’re right suzy. the 70’s was when we started wearing slogans and pics on t-shirts and the more outrageous the better! our parents would freak with some of the stuff printed on our t-shirts. but, it was just a way to be a tad rebellious. if any of the critics went back to 1971-72 and saw some of the stupid artwork and sayings on t-shirts this would pale in comparison.

      really, people, it’s nothing. unfortunate wardrobe choice for a photo but daughter and dad are cute and happy.

    • keyser soze says:

      Maybe, but you usually didn’t wore one of those “outrageous” shirt to had a professional photo taken. I agree they look cute and happy though.

  9. Gogit says:

    Maybe he thought the shirt would distract them from noticing his arm tattoo.

  10. jcweights says:

    Cocaine is a helluva drug!

  11. TexExp says:

    I’m surprised nobody mentioned that he is rockin’ that Alfalfa haircut.

  12. devilsdandruff says:

    I want that shirt!!!!!!!!

  13. Cyndie says:

    I am guessing the folks that are shocked and “saddened” by this were not alive when cocaine was very accepted, it is how Coca Cola got its name… it was a key ingredient. 🙂

  14. Lubs says:

    I think this is hilarious

  15. kathleen says:

    Yes the shirt may not be terribly appropriate for family photos – but the little girl looks happy as a clam having her pic taken with daddy so maybe the shirt was worn on ‘laundry day’ or something. You always get caught wearing the worse clothing on laundry day..

  16. Jen says:

    Sometimes I get the feeling these pictures are a bit airbrushed.

  17. Nick says:

    Maybe he bought this t-shirt at a Eric Clapton Concert????

  18. Kristen says:

    The little girl is adorable though, and seemingly very happy!

  19. Lucy says:

    This is FREAKING HILARIOUS!!! I wish he was my dad…I can see it now, when she is 16 and he catches her being naughty she can just pull out this photo and give him the third degree!! TOO CUTE:)

  20. eb says:

    Early David Bowie?

  21. rottenseed says:

    Ok…here’s the important question…where the hell can I get a shirt like that?

  22. Emily says:

    I think the little girl is absolutely adorable… look at her smile – how cute 🙂

  23. Matt says:

    For some reason, I doubt he’s wearing that t-shirt ironically.

  24. william deery says:

    A family that tweeks together, freeks’ together.

  25. Valyntine says:

    I’m surprised at those of you commenting on how “sad” this photo is. If the father’s T-shirt celebration of his drug of choice had caused any lasting damage or serious problems to the little girl pictured, I sincerely doubt the photo would have been submitted to a website that salutes awkward family hilarity.

    I’m a mother myself and I currently own a T-shirt that says “Herb – C’est Bien”… however, I no longer partake in those types of recreational activities. (I also would never wear it in a photo with my child, but to each his own). In any case, I don’t think it says anything about whether or not this guy is a bad father. Awkward and perhaps a little oblivious to social standard? INDEED. Sad and unfit parent? Come on, kids.

    Coincidentally, I know the person who submitted this photo (yes, it’s her father in the picture). She is a smart, educated, well adjusted, grounded, sweet, ambitious, successful woman who is an amazing mother and simply thought this picture was freaking HILARIOUS. As should you.

    Now, run along and talk smack about the woman posing with her sons grabbing her boobies.

    • Patti says:

      run along?? umm, I dont find this hilarious, it is a t-shirt making fun of an illegal substance.

      really “run along”!! how rude

    • Carl C says:

      I have to admit my first thought was shock – but thinking back when I was growing up in the 70’s, drug culture was pretty common — off the top of my head I remember people with “coke spoon” necklaces, shirts like this, Newsweek articles touting how cool coke was etc. It really was a weird time back then. I’m glad to hear this girl (now woman) is fine and didn’t turn into a junkie as people here feared!

    • really. says:

      “coincidentally,” huh?

      yeah, cocaine and pot, totes the same thing.

    • Stiffy Stifferson says:

      Agreed. When you’re a parent, you’ve got to make your kids believe you’ve ALWAYS been a square. I pray my children never learn the truth. Thank God there were no camera phones back then!

      And, does that booby photo really exist?

  26. volkschick says:

    Wow, rush to judgement, people! I would guess by the hairdo and the font on the Tshirt that this was taken in the late 70’s – early 80’s. All you self righteous youngsters out there aren’t old enough to remember that this was a time when people thought drug humor was funny – whether they used or not. It’s not so heinous when you take it in context.

  27. Bernardo says:

    I’m wondering about the shirt’s manufacturer! I wonder what other awe-inspiring messages he thought up for his other shirts.

  28. blownaway says:

    Small world!!! I use to work in a photo studio as well, and we were ordered to walk around shopping malls looking for scary looking goons with prison-made tats.
    Instead of picture frames, we use to supply..you guessed it…free t-shirts for a parent-child photo. Some of my favorites were “I’m with Stupid,” of “Hippie Lettuce: More than just a Dinner Salad,” and “Heroine or Bust!”…You know, shirts that say “I made a difference,’ generations from now.

  29. Boppie says:

    She just looks SOOO happy – maybe the shirt doesn’t tell the whole story of his life, people!

  30. Boulder_BigDog says:

    Wow!!! You stay classy San Diego! lol

  31. Angie says:

    lean more to the right, sweetheart. You’re blocking the “C”

  32. Heather says:

    This is pretty sad that he thought it was ok to wear the shirt while with his child, never mnd get a photo with her while wearing it.

    I hope she is ok.

  33. Melissa says:

    I used to work for a studio where we were supposed to pessure the parent into getting in one of the shots. Then we would guilt them into buying it. If we didn’t meet our quota of parent and child shots we would be penalized. Sadly, many many years ago I am guilty of taking a number of these shots. The parents are not usually prepared ( afterall the appointment was for the child). Sometimes we would give them free key chains or frames if they agreed to do it.

    • Sidekick says:

      Wow! A free key chain. How could anyone pass on that deal?

      • Ang says:

        Well, by the looks of the clothing I’d say late 70’s early 80’s and back then anything “free” was a bonus. A free key chain or frame doesn’t seem like much to us now since most of us are super materialistic, but it really was a big deal back then. The shirt is hilarious though!!!

      • WI_DJ says:

        I worked for sears and also PCA (Kmarts) and the pressure the companies put on to sell the useless trinkets and junk is unbelievable. They make money on the pictures but that stuff is pure profit.

    • Soquel says:

      I totally know what you mean.. I used to work in a photo studio in a large chain store and when we just opened we would pull customers in from the store with the offer of a free 8X10 so of course you know people werent ready… But the fact is not the picture that he may or may not have been ready for.. it is the fact he’s wearing a cocain shirt with his young daughter.. That being said my boyfriend wears beer shirts around our 3 yr old, but cocaine… i mean come on! And he woudn’t be caught dead taking a picture with her like that.

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