The Scrunchie

December 3rd, 2009

The Scrunchie - Kids

Sometimes, you have to improvise the sweat band.

(submitted by Chayla)

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  1. erik smit says:

    Apparently, you must be American to see this as awkward. Reading the comments it appears there are certain ‘rules’ about baseball (softball? what’s the difference?) pictures.

    I would not have known that you need to wear a cap or that you can’t wear a scrunchie on your arm. The picture doesn’t look awkward to me…

  2. MolWol says:

    It wouldn’t be quite as awkward if she had enough hair to wear a scrunchie in.

  3. TheGoodFairy says:

    The scrunchie was a tell, a give-away. Lipstick, sweet smile=girl who a few years later was probably still slender, got smaller glasses or contacts, was coordinated and could talk sports. The ideal woman.

  4. Big Jim Callahan says:

    I thought it was that elf who wanted to be a dentist.

  5. PTSD says:

    Macaulay Culkin played softball?

  6. When a full baseball cap isn’t in the team budget.

  7. David Farmbrough says:

    I think he’s holding his girlfriend’s scrunchie. It’s a masterpiece of composition to include it because it tells us a) he’s not a girl and b) he has a girlfriend who is comfortable enough to let him carry it as a good luck charm.

  8. teri says:

    What I think is funny is that some of you are saying he and some of you are saying she! I do think it is a girl.. and yeah, it’s hilarious that she has short hair and the scrunchie… security “blanket” perhaps?

  9. Monte's mom says:

    I am ashamed to admit that I have a very similar photo, circa 1990.

  10. susannie says:

    Aww, cutest picture ever 🙂

  11. Snowrider says:

    Strange lights over her head……..

  12. Clucky says:

    Ah, sweet, I see a very confident young athlete.

  13. Missy says:

    I can vouch that Chayla is the ultimate ugly ducking. Way to go, internet superstar! We just need a “where are they now” link at the bottom of this picture so today’s awkward ball players can be given hope.

  14. Chayla says:

    Yes, I’m a girl. Yes, I am also confused as to why I wore a scrunchie on my wrist. No, I did not have a ponytail in the back. Awkward indeed.

    Thank God I turned out kinda hot.

    • KB says:

      Love it… in my little league baseball photo (for the obligatory trading card, of course), I think I may have had a scrunchie on my wrist as well. Unfortunately, my hat also had to be tipped back far enough to make room for my enormous bangs.

    • Spritely says:

      Hey, I think you’re pretty in the picture. Our entire college team of softball players is red hot, and they were national champs!

  15. Altered says:

    Looks like the arm shelf girl.

  16. CamCam says:

    It’s a girl folks I know this peson. We went to school together. Heehee I wish I had some of my old softball pictures still!

  17. utaduta says:

    i have very awkward 80’s softball pictures. i had short hair too. i feel this chicks pain.

  18. Ahoyhoy says:

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure this is a girl. I can sympathize with her though as I looked the exact same in my softball photos when I was younger and got the whole “You looked like Harry Potter!” when people would see my childhood photos. Short hair is just easier when you like playing sports!! And not to mention this age (thinking 12ish) is when you start to get buck teeth and boobs and you look like a half boy/girl. Awkward!!

  19. Ali says:

    This is a great awkward photo, everything about it is ooozing awkwardness!

  20. Elsie says:

    What a cool kid. I’m not even kidding – my inner eight-year-old is sort of in awe. A scrunchie, just for wearing on her arm. I think I love her.

  21. annonymous says:

    girls play sports?

  22. Tim says:

    A scrunchie AND a sun visor? This is one prepared l’il’ slugger!

  23. Ali G says:

    I honestly wasn’t sure if this was a girl with short hair or a boy with a houseful of sisters who couldn’t find his wristband for picture day and someone said, “Here! Take this! Nobody will ever know the difference.”

  24. Lisa says:

    I was assuming a girl with a ponytail (you just can’t see the ponytail from that angle). Love the scrunchy though.

  25. AC says:

    HA! Just last night was telling a friend that I have a scrunchy on my arm in most of my pictures from college (mid-90s). But I am a girl, and I had long hair. Is this a girl? There is no long hair here. Hmm.

    • Micki says:

      I was just thinking the same thing… we didn’t have to actually use the scrunchy it was more like a bracelet in the 90’s 🙂 we were just too cool

  26. celestialred says:

    Yup, it’s a girl. I had a similar getup when I played softball back in the day. Thankfully I had long hair so no one ever questioned my gender…

  27. Tim S says:

    (Humming Eric Clapton)
    Shayla, you’re down on one knee,
    Shayla, I’m beggin’ darlin’ please,
    Shayla, darlin’ won’t you swing for the cheap seats?
    (end lousy Eric Clapton imitation)

  28. Cierra says:

    Hey! Don’t knock the scrunchie! They were a huge hit in the 90’s! Every girl had to have one, even if you had short hair! ha ha ha!

  29. lucifer sam says:

    softball bat + scrunchie + lipstick = female…. still an amazing photo!

  30. MyLeftNut says:

    Is she standing in a crop circle? Looks like the UFO’s are about to land!

  31. Jessica says:

    The reason this person is wearing a scrunchie is so that we know it’s a female. This is a girl right? Wait, if it’s a boy then why is he wearing one? Is this an equal opportunity baseball team? huh?

  32. Julie says:

    My four year old just looked at this and said, “Is that a girl?” To which I could only respond, laughing, “I’m really not sure.”

  33. Robert says:

    there has to be a reason for this. right?? right???? right????

  34. No comment says:

    Isn’t this a girl?

  35. Chazlette says:

    Harry is that you?

  36. Jeremy says:

    OMG. The lipstick, the scrunchy, the forearm “tattoo.”

  37. adfogg says:

    Boy or Girl? Pants look like boys “Little League” uniform, but could be a girl playing on the “Boys” team. Wow, I just realized that looks like I am very sexist… Not my intent. Girls are welcome to play Little League hardball. If the person is a girl, schrunchie probably needed to keep her hair back. Very common in the girls softball teams. Darn, there I go looking sexist again. Maybe I’ll just shut up now….

    • Sophie says:

      As a girl who spent most of her childhood playing softball, I can safely say the girls’ teams wore the same pants as the boys, the pants the girl in this picture is wearing. Those gray/white, awkward-at-the-ankles pants.

      • adfogg says:

        Don’t some girls softball teams wear shorts? Probably not at this level. My son and his baseball team were confused and awe-struck by the way the softball game was played. Then at one game I heard the softball girls wondering “How do they hit that ball being pitched overhand like that?” Very different skills.

        • blastoff says:

          Its an obvious softball bat (length of the barrel), Boys pants have a belt. End of discussion.

        • ReginaPhalange says:

          Guess I got lucky. Never was on a team, but I did occasionally play baseball with some of the boys on the street where I grew up, so I never had that sort of sports culture shock.
          That softball pitch has always looked painful to me, though.

  38. Leslie says:

    hehe this kid so reminds me of myself when i played softball. i will try to scan a pic. the similarities are epic.

  39. Fleur says:

    He also actually looks a bit like Harry Potter. Hm. Maybe it’s the glasses.

  40. Lil Louie says:

    Not only is the scrunchie weird but what’s up with that sun visor!

  41. ru says:

    it seems obvious to me that the scrunchie functions solely as an indicator of gender in this photo…

  42. 3D Guy says:

    There’s no scrunchies in baseball! (or lipstick or sun visors)

    • N. Fritz says:


    • Kate says:

      There’s no lipstick in softball, it’s true. But I remember, very clearly, one softball team picture where I had curled hair and makeup on because I had just come from dance pictures. I wish I could find that picture.

      • ALyssa says:

        Me too!

      • Allison says:

        My mom used to take me for dance pictures when I was young and then wanted me to keep the makeup and done-up hair the rest of the day because I looked so cute. Please, I had enough makeup to look streetwalker chic and she was dying to have me walk around looking like it!

  43. Tom Flapwell says:

    Is that an amusement park stamp on his other arm?

  44. bluemoon says:

    I like how she has short hair, making the scrunchie completely unnecessary…

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