A Grandmother’s Love

A Grandmother’s Love - Friends

“My friend got ‘I love you’ tattooed in her grandmother’s handwriting.”

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Goat Yoga & Paddleboarding

Goat Yoga & Paddleboarding - Friends

“My friend April runs Arizona Goat Yoga . That’s exactly what it sounds like: yoga with goats. It’s big in Arizona and April appeared as the Goat Whisperer on American Ninja Warrior. I run a paddleboarding business. April and I joined forces to make this promotional photo for the upcoming Outdoor Expo in Gilbert, AZ.”

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Beyonce Recreation

Beyonce Recreation - Celebs

“My friend has the same Porsche Beyonce used for her pregnancy announcement, so he recreated it. He looks just like her, if she were a dude from Idaho.”

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The Perpetual Bridesmaid

The Perpetual Bridesmaid - Couples

“When friends are getting married and you’re there to drink.”

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The Solo Christmas Party

The Solo Christmas Party - Christmas

“My Christmas party was great, but because of the snow, nobody showed up.”

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Baby Legs

Baby Legs - Babies

“My friend looks like he has baby legs on his denim-colored couch.”

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Stacked - Friends

“My friend passed out on New Year’s. We thought we would have some fun at his expense. The Face Pyramid is not an easy feat!”

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