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The Great Sofa Shortage Of 1974

The Great Sofa Shortage Of 1974 - Family Portrait

“I’m the one in the horrible pink velvet dress. I grew up with a mother who was always dressed in the best while we wore fashions typical of these. Not only was it our best, but look how small this dress is on me (way too short and the cuffs are halfway up my arm). Thankfully I was thin so it wasn’t like it was too small (to her). My 2 older sisters were hidden in the back because their dresses were so short also. Of course, she is in the middle and looks like a million bucks.”

(submitted by Cecelia)

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Meet The Mullets

Meet The Mullets - Family Portrait

“This is a picture of my Dad, Mom, and brother the year before I was born. It says ‘1994’ right on the photo, but it definitely wasn’t necessary cause it’s so obvious it was the 90’s. I mean, my Mom and brother’s hair say it all. He had that mullet for 4 years. And I just love the look on my brother’s face, he had evil plans.”

(submitted by Jaimee)

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Parallel Thinking

Parallel Thinking - Birthdays

“My birthday cards from my divorced parents both arrived today.”

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The Family Portrait Debacle Of 1994

The Family Portrait Debacle Of 1994 - Family Portrait

“After the Great Family Portrait Debacle of 1994, we no longer attempt group family photos.”

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Not Again

Not Again - Kids

“Pretty happy with how our pregnancy announcement turned out.”

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On A Pedestal

On A Pedestal - Family Portrait

“While I was away at college my family had to take a portrait for a church directory, so they took a framed photo of me. It was the photographer’s great idea to put me on a pedestal. Also, my Dad and brother had been fighting over something trivial, my Mom was annoyed, and my youngest brother habitually refused to smile for any picture.”

(submitted by Elizabeth) 

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Slasher - Mom & Dad

“There’s an escaped murderer near my parents’ house. I texted asking if they were OK, and they sent this.”

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