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Dad Does Dexter

Dad Does Dexter - Mom & Dad

“My parents sent me a picture of their kitchen renovation.”

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Strip-O-Lantern - Halloween

“My parents won a pumpkin carving contest last year. Awkward.”

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Kids For Sale

Kids For Sale - Kids

“That time our parents tried to sell me and my sister with the house.”

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Why Family Plans Exist

Why Family Plans Exist - Mom & Dad

“My parents share a phone. Never sure who is texting me.”

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How The West Was Won

How The West Was Won - Family Portrait

“My family decided to get one of those ‘Gold Rush Era’ photos. However, if my Mum was going to pay that much for it she wanted it done her way.”

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What The Pillow Saw

What The Pillow Saw - Mom & Dad

“Walked into my parents’ room today…”

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The Tiny Doppelgangers

The Tiny Doppelgangers - Mom & Dad

“The salt and pepper shakers at this restaurant resemble my parents.”

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