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On A Pedestal

On A Pedestal - Family Portrait

“While I was away at college my family had to take a portrait for a church directory, so they took a framed photo of me. It was the photographer’s great idea to put me on a pedestal. Also, my Dad and brother had been fighting over something trivial, my Mom was annoyed, and my youngest brother habitually refused to smile for any picture.”

(submitted by Elizabeth) 

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Slasher - Mom & Dad

“There’s an escaped murderer near my parents’ house. I texted asking if they were OK, and they sent this.”

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The Way We Rocked

The Way We Rocked - Mom & Dad

“Today is my parents’ 28th anniversary. This is them at age 21.”

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Jesse’s Protest

Jesse’s Protest - Family Portrait

“My Mom bought a family portrait for a school fundraiser.  My little brother, Jesse, refused to cooperate, so finally my Mom told him he could just turn around.  Sixteen-year-old me is in the tie-dye, wishing this was not my family.”

(submitted by Gina)

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Fall - Babies

“We decided to take our family photos next to a pond. As we were posing the little one immediately fell over. This is the main photo in my living room and makes my day every time I see it.”

(submitted by Lisa)

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Selfie Expression

Selfie Expression - Mom & Dad

“We decided to spoof my son’s Facebook profile photo. How did we do?”

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Dad And The Garter

Dad And The Garter - Mom & Dad

“My friend’s wedding photo. Yes, she took a ‘removing the garter’ photo with her Mom and Dad. Maybe they’ll start a new tradition?”

(submitted by Melody)

In Mom & Dad • January 18th, 2017 • 1 Comment »
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