The Mannequins

The Mannequins - Awkward Galleries

Tired of being asked why she isn’t married, Suzanne Heintz spent 14 years taking holiday photos with a mannequin family.

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The Good Wife

The Good Wife - Couples

“I was newly married to the gentleman sitting in the garage and this was 1985. Women’s liberation didn’t hit very hard in my house growing up, so when I married young at 19, I felt it was my duty to be a good little wife and keep up his 1978 Camaro Z28. He happily sat there while I did the oil change, too. He’ll tell you that it was all my idea. HA! I’m still married to that guy and love him dearly, but my how times have changed. Oh, and I can’t even remember having a big mullet like that. Good GAWD! I also can’t remember who took this photo, but I’m pretty sure it was my father-in-law, grinning happily that his son had married a ‘good woman’.”

(submitted by Michelle)

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Eye Contact Revisited

Eye Contact Revisited - Recreations

“Hey guys at AFP!  I know you have had a lot of success with the “Eye Contact” photo (and my sister-in-laws family gets recognized often while out and about!) I sent in several years ago!  We recreated the scene over Thanksgiving.  Aunt Telcia is now 7 months pregnant, so we had my husband, Trent, ( Aunt Telcia’s brother) fill in.  I thought you would like the see the picture and the growth of the family featured!”


(submitted by Nicole)

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Kids Who Look Exactly Like Their Parents

Kids Who Look Exactly Like Their Parents - Kid & Parent Lookalikes

“My dad and I each in 8th grade. About 1993 for me and 1956 for him.”

(submitted by Ashley)

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Lapbrother - Siblings

“I’m sure my mom thought this photo was a wonderful idea at the time. The fact that my sister is superimposed as a giant ghostly head distracts from the more disturbing details– like the fact that I am sitting on my older brother’s lap and holding hands with him, and that we also have matching glasses. I don’t remember a lot about the day that we took this photo, but I do remember thinking that my brown striped sweater was my ‘cool’ sweater and I insisted on wearing it. The fact that my collar had a longer wingspan than a bald eagle is a nice finishing touch.”

(submitted by Chris)

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Caged - Kids

“It took hours to find someone with the key.”

(via blondered)

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Dear Stefanie

Dear Stefanie - Couples

The letter you send when you want her to break up with you.

(submitted by Chris)

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