Graddy Daycare - Graduation

Graddy Daycare

“We were taking pictures at a friend’s house and her nephew, who is always naked wanted to take a pic with us. But don’t worry– he is wearing a diaper.”

(submitted by Alex)

Saturday Night Special: Cover Girl - Glamour Shots

Saturday Night Special: Cover Girl

She was ready for her close-ups.

(submitted by Ashley)

Head First - Kids

Head First

A reminder to learn from your mistakes.

(submitted by Keidi)

Hot Mess - Pets

Hot Mess

Clearly, the cat did not review the proofs.

(submitted by Nancy)

Lobster Pot - Halloween

Lobster Pot

We wonder who chose the costumes that year.

(submitted by Mike)

Father Figure 3 - Dad

Father Figure 3

And this is his look of approval.

(submitted by Skye)

Intimidation Factor - Behind The Awkwardness

Intimidation Factor

“This cringeworthy shot was taken at my Uncle’s wedding. I’m on the far right, then my dad, grandfather, and uncle and for some reason, the photographer had us try to look intimidating. Well, I’m a photographer now and do a much better job preparing my subjects for a wedding photo.”

(submitted by Scott)

Bang Your Head - Family Portrait

Bang Your Head

Mousse is communal in this household.

(submitted by Mick)

Mrs. Cellophane - Mom

Mrs. Cellophane

And it keeps the baby fresh.

(submitted by Fran)

The Screaming Nun - Babies

The Screaming Nun

Oh, Lord.

(submitted by Sarah)